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Our dual degree in History and Teaching (MA/MAT) offers the best of both worlds - expertise in history as a generalist or specialist and exceptional training as an elementary educator.

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Whether you hope to make a career in teaching or aspire to doctoral studies in History, our dual degree program will allow you the flexibility to pursue the pathway that is right for you.

Our array of course offerings in the History Department allows you to experience recent decades, as well as centuries long past, while also providing access to expert faculty whose geographic areas of focus span the globe.

Faculty in our Education Department are former and current practitioners who will help you to translate your content area expertise into engaging curriculum while preparing you with a full complement of skills required for success as a classroom leader.

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Simmons' innovative dual degree program prepares students for initial teaching licensure in Massachusetts while simultaneously providing subject matter expertise in history. This 64- to 70-credit program leads to a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and a Master of Arts (MA) in History. The 64-credit program includes a full-time, 14-week practicum in an area school. The 70-credit program includes a full year student teaching internship. Students simultaneously work towards both degrees and complete the program with initial teaching certification in Elementary Education (grades 1-6). MAT/History graduates are well positioned for leadership roles as department heads, lead teachers, curriculum coordinators, or in educator roles at museums and historical sites.

Required History Coursework (28 credits):

  • HIST 597: Historical Methods and Research (4 credits)
  • Six History electives:

Sample electives include:

  • HIST 527: Archives, History, and Collective Memory (4 credits)
  • HIST 455: Thesis (4 credits)
  • HIST 560: Seminar in the History of Women & Gender (4 credits)
  • HIST 561: Seminar in Latin American History (4 credits)
  • HIST 562: Reform and Revolutions in Asia (4 credits)
  • HIST 567: Memory and the Holocaust (4 credits)
  • HIST 568: Seminar in Public History: Sites of History (4 credits)
  • HIST 571: Comparative Slavery (4 credits)
  • HIST 573: Topics in Nineteenth-Century American History (4 credits)
  • HIST 574: Modern US History (4 credits)
  • HIST 576: The American Revolution (4 credits)

Required Education Coursework (36-42 credits):

  • GEDUC 430: Inclusive Lesson Planning (2 credits)
  • GEDUC 445: Educational Psychology (4 credits)
  • GEDUC 461: Social Studies & Science Methods (4 credits)
  • GEDUC 464: Reading Methods (4 credits)
  • GEDUC 467: Math Methods (4 credits)
  • SPND 446: Learners with Special Needs (4 credits)
  • SPND 441: Creating a Caring Classroom Community (4 credits)
  • TESL 417: Sheltered English Instruction (4 credits)
  • GEDUC 401: Elementary Seminar (2 credits)
  • GEDUC 480: Elementary Practicum (4 credits)

70-Credit Internship Program Only:

  • GEDUC 400: Pre-Practicum Seminar (2 credits)
  • GEDUC 488: Pre-Practicum Elementary (4 credits)

The MAT curriculum combines theory with practice, including multicultural perspectives and teaching skills. Methods courses include related field experiences that allow students to observe and apply teaching strategies and techniques. Our courses address instructional strategies and materials for teaching reading and language arts, math, social studies, and science.

Additional courses explore developmental psychology and contemporary issues in education. We offer a Master of Arts in Teaching, with preparation for initial licensure in Elementary Education (grades 1-6) in Massachusetts. Dual degree students may pursue a 64-credit program with a 14-week full-time practicum, or a 70-credit program with a full-year internship. Some partnering schools and districts provide a stipend for Simmons teaching interns.

History students may choose from a wide range of elective offerings to focus their studies around a specific era or part of the world. However, most dual degree students select electives that align well with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and which will enhance their history and social studies subject matter knowledge as elementary school teachers.

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