You'll build competence and confidence as a professional in our uniquely personalized Chemistry program.

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Chemistry is all about hands-on preparation for the world of work and advanced study. 

You'll have access to all the resources and technology of a modern lab in the heart of Boston, and also your own reserved spot in one of our Chemistry labs.

Our faculty members are accomplished scientists and leaders in their fields, but they're also easily accessible mentors.

You'll have the individual attention of a small selective program along with access to all the labs and scientific industry of our bustling city. It's the best of both worlds.

You'll work with a faculty advisor to tailor your program to your interests and career goals. The Department of Chemistry offers many closely-related programs, such as biochemistrychemistry management and environmental science. Simmons students have many opportunities to further customize with dual majors and complementary minors.

Certification for teaching chemistry at the middle school and secondary school levels is also possible by enrollment in the Department of Education.

Hands-on research experience is a key part of a Simmons science education. Research opportunities are open to students as early as the freshman year. All students engage in a year-long senior Independent Learning project as part of their program.

In chemistry, Independent Learning means current research at Simmons or in one of the many other research laboratories in Boston. You'll work with a faculty advisor to plan and perform experimental work, and analyze and document your results. Then you'll write a senior thesis based on your research and defend the thesis in an oral exam. Our graduates report that this experience is invaluable preparation for job interviews and for graduate school.

Hands-on Experience with Modern Equipment
Simmons chemistry students begin using up-to-date laboratory instruments in the very first chemistry course and continue to build this hands-on experience throughout the curriculum. Simmons graduates are known for their ability to take on laboratory projects with a minimum of supervision. Computers are used extensively throughout the various chemistry-related programs.

Individual Student Chemistry Carrels
Each Simmons student who declares a chemistry-related major gets an individual laboratory carrel in our Independent Study Laboratory. Students are encouraged to do laboratory work in their carrels, where they can work individually or together, calling on Faculty for guidance as needed.

Easy Access to Faculty
Although the Simmons chemistry faculty are actively involved in research, we feel that research should not take us away from our students. Simmons students are actively involved in our research as part of their Independent Study work. We are always glad to meet with students outside of class individually or in small groups.

So you know that Simmons is a great place to be, you've learned about our programs, maybe even come for a you're ready to apply! Let's get started.

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Rich Gurney

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