Why a Women's Undergraduate Experience?

Choosing a women’s undergraduate program can open doors that might not seem obvious at first, but will definitely pay off! Don’t be afraid to make a bold and unexpected move on your path to success.

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Benefits of a women’s undergraduate experience

There are tons of myths and misconceptions about undergraduate programs for women. People assume they are catty, they won’t prepare you for the “real world,” and your social life will be totally non-existent. Wrong! There is ample evidence that women’s undergraduate programs actually prepare women to succeed better than co-ed colleges. 

Compared to women at co-educational institutions, students and alumnae/i from women’s undergraduate programs:

  • Have more successful careers holding higher positions, increasing their earning power, and finding more satisfaction in their work.
  • Are more likely to express the goal of wanting to influence the political structure, and to have worked in a local, state, or national campaign.  
  • Report higher levels of class participation, active learning, and faculty interaction, resulting in more confident and well-prepared graduates.
  • Are more likely to collaborate in faculty-led research projects and experience student-centered teaching practices that respect the expression of diverse beliefs.

At Simmons, our location in Boston means endless opportunities for internships, grad schools, careers, and social life. There are over 300,000 college students in our neighborhood, and partnering schools that host social events and intramurals that you can take part in.

Benefits of a Women-Centered Education

Watch as our Woman on Campus sits down with several prominent voices on campus to explore the importance and the value of a women-centered education.

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Our Students

Felipa Canchola ’24, Lisa deRosier ’24, and Rashida Alisa Hagakore ’24

This fall, Simmons students from the Social Action Leaders course are channeling their academic studies into advocacy. We spoke with students Felipa Canchola ’24, Lisa deRosier ’24, and Rashida Alisa Hagakore ’24 about their passion for experiential service learning and their conception of good leadership.

A side-by-side image of the 2023 Bonner Community Leaders: Megan Burgess ’27, Maya Kansky ’27, and Kathleen Dunn ’27

The Bonner Community Leaders Program at Simmons University is a unique opportunity for students who want to combine a strong commitment to service with personal growth, teamwork, leadership development, and scholarship. This fall, Simmons announced a new cohort of 11 Bonner Leaders. We spoke with three of them.

Anna Kelly leaning against a brick wall and smiling

Incoming student Anna Kelly from South Kingstown, Rhode Island, received a $10,000 Gold Award Scholarship from the Girl Scouts, a special recognition for her community service project “Peer-to-Peer Program in Middle School.” Kelly spoke with us about her passion for community service, mental health, and nursing.

Student Life

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Student life

You’ll study and live in our small college environment while enjoying all the resources of a major academic hub. You’ll also have easy access to internship possibilities throughout the city (and beyond)!

Student support & resources

You'll find everything you need on campus — from medical resources to keep you healthy to technical support to keep your computer running.

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Life in Boston is energetic and bustling, but on the Simmons Campus you'll find friendly faces, a welcoming atmosphere, and lots to do. 

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Traditions are part of what makes Simmons so special. Check out a few of the ways we celebrate our Simmons pride!