Scientific Computation

Scientific computation is a rapidly evolving field that becomes more essential every day.

Students in class

Are you ready to solve tomorrow's problems?

You'll learn to construct mathematical models to analyze complex scientific questions — like how a new drug will behave in a human's body — and be on the cutting-edge of advancing technology.

Our students are positioned to be critical scientists and team members, using their finely-honed quantitative analysis skills to make a difference in a variety of fields including economics, medicine and biology.

Required Courses

CS 112 Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS 221 Database Management Systems 4
STAT 118 Introductory Statistics 4
STAT 227 Intermediate Statistics: Design & Analysis 4
MATH 343 Mathematical Modeling 4

A fifth course to be chosen from:

CS 226 Computer Organization and Architecture 4
MATH 225 Differential Equations 4
STAT 227 Intermediate Statistics: Design & Analysis 4
If not taken earlier
MATH 338 Probability 4
STAT 339 Statistical Theory 4

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