About Me

Nanette Veilleux is a professor in the computer science and information technology department. Her research interests include primary research in computational models of speech, as well as investigations of pedagogical methods in STEM education. The first topic involves primary research into the categories of English prosody (emphasis and phrasing) and can be used to improve automatic speech understanding. The later topic involves an approach to pedagogy that is not only effective to convey discipline knowledge but also encourages students to remain and thrive in their disciplines. She is currently principle investigator on two collaborative NSF funded grants.

Nanette Veilleux's Curriculum Vitae

What I Teach

  • CS 112 - Introduction to Computer Science
  • CS 112L - Introduction to Computer Science Lab
  • CS 232 - Data Structures
  • CS 330 – Programming Languages
  • CS 333/ LIS 458 – Database Design and Implementation
  • CS 412 - Introduction to Computer Science

Research/Creative Activities

  • Computational models of prosody
  • Pedagogical methods to increase STEM retention and student success