Data Science and Analytics

Our Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics program prepares students to change the world by harnessing the power of information. In fact, Data Science already impacts your world. It is the force behind everything from Facebook ads to personalized medicine.

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Data Science and Analytics, a field that also goes by the names of Data Science, Data Analytics, and Predictive Analytics — is also related to “Big Data”, “Machine Learning” or “Artificial Intelligence”. In the Bachelor’s in Data Science and Analytics degree program, students combine computer science, statistics and project management with in-depth knowledge of a specific discipline to become expert analysts. They then apply their expertise in the real world through internships that prepare them for exciting careers in their chosen field.

Why study Data Science and Analytics?

Big data has big opportunities. Technological advancement also creates new and exciting opportunities for those who use, analyze, and understand the ever-changing technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports enormous projected job growth in the field of mathematical science—as much as 27.9 percent from 2016 to 2026. Data Scientists are being employed in nearly every industry today, from social media to pharmacology to transportation and automation.

What will you learn?

Simmons’ Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics consists of 63-67 credit hours. 43 of these credit hours are spent in required courses—see the list in the Program Requirements drop-down menu below—with the remaining 20–24 being filled by courses in your selected concentration.

Simmons’ Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics provides a comprehensive education in mathematics, statistics, and programming, as well as hands-on experience applying what you've learned to real-world data.

In addition to the classroom curriculum, Data Science and Analytics students also have numerous research and internship opportunities to gain real-world experience in the field. Find out more about pursuing an internship.

What can you do with a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and Analytics?

Many careers opportunities exist for Data Science and Analytics degree holders. Depending on your chosen concentration, or area of expertise, career possibilities for Simmons graduates include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Drug Discovery Scientist
  • Genomics/Epidemiologist
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Social Science and Public Policy Analyst
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Meteorologist

Learn more about our Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics!

Are you ready to pursue your Bachelor’s in Data Science and Analytics degree? Are you wondering if Simmons is right for you? Pay us a visit—it’s the best way to get a feel for what the Simmons community is all about. You can also request more information about the Data Science and Analytics program.

If you’d like to contact us, give the Admissions Office a call at 617-521-2051. Tell us where you want to go in your data science career—we’ll tell you how Simmons can make it happen.

Core Courses

CS112 Introduction to Computer Science 4
MATH211 Linear Algebra 4
STAT118 Introductory Statistics 4
STAT228 Introduction to Data Science 4
STAT229 Regression Models 4
CS347 Applied Data Science 4

Programming Depth (2 courses)

CS214 Data Interoperability 4
CS221 Database Management Systems 4
CS232 Data Structures 4

Statistical Depth (2 courses)

STAT227 Intermediate Statistics: Design & Analysis 4
STAT338 Probability 4
STAT339 Statistical Theory 4
STAT391 Special Topics in Statistics and Biostatistics 4

Application Domain 1 course

Choose from a list of approved upper-level courses in another department. Examples:
PSYC203 Research Methods in Psychology 4
SOCI239 Introduction to Social Research I 4
PH201 Introduction to Epidemiology 4
BUS221 Project Management 4
Or other application domain course identified by the student with their advisor.

Electives (2 courses)

CS224 Data Visualization 4
STAT345 Stochastic Processes 4
BUS100 Introduction to Business and Management 4
BUS221 Project Management 4
BUS234 Organizational Communication & Behavior 4
Any course in the Programming/Stats depth areas not taken for another requirement area.

Capstone (1 course)

STAT346 Data Mining 4

The minor in Data Science and Analytics consists of

CS112 Introduction to Computer Science 4
STAT118 Introductory Statistics 4
STAT227 Intermediate Statistics: Design & Analysis 4
STAT228 Introduction to Data Science 4

And two of the following

CS214 Data Interoperability 4
CS221 Database Management Systems 4
CS232 Data Structures 4
MATH211 Linear Algebra 4
STAT227 Intermediate Statistics: Design & Analysis 4
STAT229 Regression Models 4
One of the two courses must be a CS course

Hands-on research experience is a key part of a Simmons STEM education. Research opportunities are open to students as early as their freshman year.

Many students also complete internships in their field. Simmons students find internship opportunities around Boston, where the big data industry continues to grow.

Spotlight on Data Science Students and Alums

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Eliot Stanton ’22 Awarded Alumnae/i Award for Academic Achievement

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