Meet Your Orientation Leaders: Emily Marder '23, Katelyn Fox '25, Kiki Regan '23, Sophie Bredensteiner '23, and Tess Federico-Maietta '23

2022 Orientation Leaders

Emily Marder '23 is a Nursing major from Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Emily explains why she became an Orientation Leader: "I had fond memories of my orientation and liked how the Orientation Leaders were able to foster a community feeling and connect all of us. I wanted to be able to bring that to the next class of students." According to Emily, "Orientation Leaders are primarily there for the orientees, and we are there point person and a friendly face for them. We support the students and their needs."

Katelyn Fox '25 is a Nursing major from Chelmsford, Massachusetts: "I had a phenomenal experience at orientation last year. To be able to help welcome the incoming first-years is something that really interests me. I have a lot of energy and I love Simmons, so being able to pass that on to the next generation of future Sharks is so inspiring to me," Katelyn explains. "After our training session, we will each be a point person for our specific group of first-year students. They can contact us through the summer and all of next year if they have questions. We are going to be able to bond with them on campus. We also have several other logistical duties."

Kiki Regan '23 is a Computer Science and Art double major and a minor in Data Science. Kiki is from Florida. For Kiki, "it's nice to have someone metaphorically holding your hand through the process. When they model enthusiasm, you can also be enthusiastic. Seeing how someone else has made it through to the other side can be very beneficial and calming." Kiki advises new students to "get involved with organizations and try new things. Take advantage of all that the school has to offer while you are here. Also talk to professors and establish a relationship. Simmons is really unique because you can talk directly to your professor and know them as people."

Sophie Bredensteiner '23 is majoring in Public Relations and Marketing Communications and used to live in Nebraska. Sophie says, "I love meeting all the new students and seeing the future face of Simmons University." Sophie tells new students that "it may seem scary at first, but you will make so many friends and will be part of such a vibrant community of people. And you will learn so much, not just from your professors but from your peers."

Tess Federico-Maietta '23 is majoring in Sociology and minoring in and Public Health. Tess is from Keene, New Hampshire. "I transferred to Simmons after a semester at a state school in Connecticut," explains Tess. "I was drawn to Simmons because it was in Boston and had a great social work program. I found the people to be very welcoming when I toured campus the first time." As an Orientation Leader, Tess says "I am excited to get more Sharks. We all now have our footing back after the pandemic, so we will be really strong in the fall, and new students will be a part of that."

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