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Eliot Stanton ’22 Awarded Alumnae/i Award for Academic Achievement

Data Science and Analytics major Eliot Stanton ’22 was selected by the Administrative Board as the winner of the Alumnae/i Award for Academic Achievement, given annually to a rising senior nominated by their department for distinguished scholarship. Stanton received the award at Convocation on September 1, 2021.

Nominated by Amber Stubbs, Associate Professor and Division Director of Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics, Stanton was praised for their flawless coursework and approach to experiences outside of the classroom. Stanton has been selected for scholarships to attend conferences during their time at Simmons, including to both the Grace Hopper Celebration in 2018 and the Tapia Conference in 2021. Stanton was also selected for internships at Bluebonnet Data and Bank of America, and gained placement at the Census Bureau via the Civic Digital Fellowship program run by Coding It Forward.

“In their Data Science courses, [Stanton] firmly grasped the complexity of intricate data models in ways that professionals may take years to understand and appreciate,” said Professor Veilleux in the nomination letter. “They are hungry for more content in courses and frequently request extra work to push the boundaries of their experience.”

Professor Emerita Goldman added that Stanton “possesses the rare ability to see the big picture while at the same time grasping the minutiae...They regard the classroom as the place where they are to actively learn rather than be passively fed material. What sets [them] apart is not just exceptional ability, but also their evident enthusiasm for what they are learning.” Professor Veilleux noted Stanton’s essays on Transgender Identity in Technological Systems that “problematize the nature of online identity in a gender fluid context” as evidence of stellar scholarship.

Professor Stubbs noted Stanton’s generous spirit and willingness to share their knowledge and understanding of difficult topics with classmates. “Classmates looked to Eliot as a valuable resource, and this is a quality that will serve them well both in their final year at Simmons and into their future career,” said Stubbs.

“It's an incredible honor to be nominated for this award by the very same professors who have encouraged and supported my growth as a data scientist and scholar,” says Stanton. “Their mentorship has been and continues to be invaluable in my professional and extracurricular experiences. Further, it is an honor to be chosen by the Administrative Board among such an incredibly bright and promising graduating class of my peers.”

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