Retail Management

Our students explore the science of consumer behavior, combining theories from anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics and neuroscience to understand how consumers choose products —and how those choices affect the development of society and culture.

Student presenting in a class

What makes us buy things? Who determines what's fashionable?

Through hands-on case studies, you'll evaluate the impact of technology, globalization, sustainability, green building, social media and merchandise storage and handling. Our students learn to critically analyze consumer behavior and master the latest methods and technology for improving retail profitability.

You'll graduate confident and ready to apply your skills to any organization. Our graduates have found successful careers at companies like Nordstrom, Panera Bread and Macy's.

Prerequisites for Retail Management Majors

ECON100 Principles of Microeconomics 4
STAT118 Introductory Statistics 4

Required Core Courses

ACCT110 Financial Accounting 4
ACCT120 Managerial Accounting 4
BUS100 Introduction to Business and Management 4
BUS234 Organizational Communication & Behavior 4
BUS250 Principles of Marketing 4
BUS260 Financial Management 4
BUS270 Business Analytics 4
BUS325 Operations Management 4
BUS370A Internship and Career Strategies 2
BUS370B Learning From Internship Experience 2

Required Retail Management Courses

BUS236 Retail Management 4


BUS340 Strategic Management 4

The student will select two electives from the following list:

BUS137 Entrepreneurial Mindset 4
BUS180 Business Law 4
BUS214 International Business 4
BUS229 Corporate Social Responsibility: Managing People, Planet, & Profit 4
BUS230 Why We Buy 4
BUS231 Brand Management 4
BUS251 Digital Marketing 4
BUS270 Business Analytics 4
BUS335 Marketing Research 4
BUS286 Introduction to Advertising Practice and Branding 4

Required Courses

BUS100 Introduction to Business and Management 4
BUS236 Retail Management 4

Electives (choose three)

BUS221 Project Management 4
BUS230 Why We Buy 4
BUS231 Brand Management 4
BUS232A Intro to Advertising 4
BUS251 Digital Marketing 4
BUS270 Business Analytics 4
BUS335 Marketing Research 4

Internships are a key component of the Retail Management program. Our students work in retail organizations and agencies in the greater Boston area and beyond, including recent internships at Crate & Barrel, Arnold Worldwide, and Hill Holiday.

Internships encourage students to sharpen their skills, refine their career interests, build their resumes, and develop important relationships.

Alpha Delta Sigma

Alpha Delta Sigma (ADS) is a national honor society sponsored by the American Advertising Federation. It recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement in advertising and marketing studies. The requirements are that the student must be current in dues membership, be a senior or rising senior, have taken at least two advertising or marketing courses, and have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.25.

Alpha Mu Alpha

Since its inception in 1937, the American Marketing Association has remained committed to the advancement of excellence in the field of marketing. It was this commitment, which fostered the establishment of the national marketing honor society, Alpha Mu Alpha during the spring of 1981.

Spotlight on Retail Management Students and Alums

Ann Marie Fudge '73, '98HD

Ann Marie Fudge ’73, ’98HD Opens Doors for Women in Corporate America

Ann Marie Fudge ’73, ’98HD has enjoyed a fruitful career in the corporate world, having served on the boards of General Electric, Marriott, Honeywell, Novartis, Unilever and Infosys, as well as several non-profits.

Headshot of Joanne Wilson

Joanne Wilson ’83 Wins Rappaport Alumnae Achievement Award

Congratulations to Joanne Wilson who embodies the spirit of the award with her focus on women- and minority-owned businesses. Wilson is a limited partner in venture funds committed to investing only in women, Black, and Latino founders.

Jill Zarin in tie-dye hoodie from Jill & Ally collection.

Jill Zarin ’85 Grows Fashion Brand from Handmade Masks

The former "Real Housewives of New York City" star reminisces about her entrepreneurial endeavors from her college dorm room and launching a business with her daughter in response to the pandemic.

Headshot of Madeleine Mulroney

Madeleine Mulroney '19 Utilizes Networking to Land Her First Job

We caught up with Madeleine about her journey as a recent graduate.