Yulong Li

Associate Professor

Born and raised in China, Dr. Li came to the United States in 1999 to purse his Ph.D. degree in Operations Management at the University of Toledo. Before joining Simmons in 2013, he has taught various management courses in several universities in Ohio, Washington State and Rhode Island. 

Dr. Li's research lies at the interface of operations management, technology management, strategic management and organizational behavior. He is particularly interested in studying various strategic system design issues that can potentially facilitate or inhibit operations performance. Dr. Li's work seeks to address issues such as how to successfully adopt a new technology for innovation, how organizational knowledge is harvested and shared within an organization and across the supply chain , and what performance outcome can be achieved through effective technology utilization. Dr. Li is also interested in pedagogical research related to cross culture education. His work on measuring student global competency has received multiple grants and national awards.

Dr. Li is a long time member of Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Society for Advancement of Management (SAM), and Beta Gamma Sigma. 

In his spare time, Dr. Li enjoys traveling and photography.


  • Ph.D. The University of Toledo


  • GSM430 Technology & Operations Management
  • MBAH429 Health Care Quality
  • MBAHO429 Health Care Quality and Measurement
  • MBAO430 Technology and Operations Management
  • MCM480 Research Management
  • MGMT325 Operations and Technology Management
  • MSM421 Research Management
  • MSM444 Technology and Operations Management

Research/Creative Activities

Inter-Organizational Knowledge Sharing and Transfer, New Technology Adoption and Implementation, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Organizational Innovation


Journal Articles

Li, Y., Wu, F., Zong, W., & Li, B. (2017). Supply Chain Collaboration for ERP Implementation: An Inter-Organizational Knowledge Sharing Perspective. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 37(10), 1327-1347.

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Book Chapters

Li, Y. & Lowe, J. (2015). Promote Sharing of Clinical Knowledge among a Practice Group’s Physicians. In Warkentin, M (Ed.), Models and Applications in the Decision Sciences: Best Papers from the 2015 Annual Conference. pp. 213-221, Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson FT Press. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-411591-7.

Conference Proceedings

Internal Collaboration and External Collaboration with Suppliers for Organizational Innovation Capability: A Complementarity Perspective. Decision Sciences Institute Conference. 2017.

The Effects of Social Media on Purchasing Behavior. 47th Annual Meeting of Decision Sciences Institute. 2016.

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