Political Science

Our students are analytical and creative, developing a keen understanding of government institutions, the processes of decision making and public policy.

Students talking together

They say all politics is local. At Simmons, that's actually true

When you study political science here you'll learn from experts in the classroom — like our Warburg Chair in International Relations — and intern for local and national politicians, government agencies and advocacy groups just a short walk or T ride from campus.

Our events are leadership focused, attracting visionaries like Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gloria Steinem. And you'll find your own political voice on a campus committed to social justice, political awareness and activism.

Many take advantage of our 3+1 program, earning their undergraduate and graduate degree from Simmons in just 4 years. They go on to rewarding careers in government, business, teaching, journalism and diplomacy.

All majors are required to take introductory courses in each of the four subfields of political science:

  • POLS 101 Introduction to American Politics
  • POLS 102 Introduction to International Politics
  • POLS 103 The Nature of Politics
  • POLS 104 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Students must also take four POLS electives and a 300 level course in one of the subfields of Political Science.

The University degree requirement of eight semester hours of independent learning may be met by POLS 350, 355, 370, 380, or 390.

The independent study requirement may also be met with one course from another department. With the exception of a seminar, these eight semester hours are in addition to the 36 semester hours required in the political science major.

A political science minor consists of three 100-level courses and two courses at the 200 level or above.

Internships are a key component of the political science program. In Boston there are countless opportunities to build your skills, resume and networking relationships with organizations in the city and beyond. Many of our students take advantage of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Intern Fellowship Program, whose mission is to move women into the political sphere.

So you know that Simmons is a great place to be, you've learned about our programs, maybe even come for a visit...now you're ready to apply! Let's get started.

Our Faculty

Denise Horn

Denise Horn

  • Interim Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations and Department of Women's and Gender Studies
Ben Cole photo

Benjamin Cole

  • Associate Professor and Director of the Division of Social Sciences, Education, and Public Health
Aaron Rosenthal

Aaron Rosenthal

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Relations and Public Policy
Kristina Pechulis photo

Kristina Pechulis

  • Senior Lecturer in Political Science & International Relations and Director of the Lee Family Foundation Fellowship Program