Africana Studies

The field of Africana Studies examines the history and culture of people of African descent including Black people in the US and across the diaspora.

Students sitting in an Africana Studies class at Simmons University

Develop the skills to challenge systemic oppression and promote racial justice

The Africana Studies program offers opportunities to critically examine the historical, political, social, economic, and cultural processes and institutions of people across the African diaspora, including the experiences of Black people in the United States and across the globe. The program has a long history at Simmons University. The program was established as Black Studies in 1972 in response to Black student activism on campus.

The Africana Studies program offers both a major and a minor. It is an interdisciplinary and transnational program situated primarily in the humanities and social sciences that provides opportunities for the intersectional study of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality. It provides a solid foundation in critical thinking, research, writing, and technology, equipping students with marketable, transferable skills that translate into living and working in a diverse world as well as demonstrate cultural competency to future employers in fields such as education, social work and nonprofit sectors, medicine, law, and business. Students with degrees in Africana Studies develop the tools to become global citizens and participate effectively to shape a more inclusive, equitable, socially just world.

The Africana Studies major consists of 9 courses (36 semester hours) of coursework. Students in the major are required to complete the following program of study:

Three Required Core Courses (12 semester hours) that include:


AST101 Introduction to Africana Studies 4
AST202 Introduction to Black Popular Culture 4
AST350 Independent Study 4
AST355 Senior Thesis 4
AST365 Intimate Family Violence 4
AST370 Internship 0
AST375 Behind the Veil: Simmons Oral History Project 4
CRGCS355 Critical Race, Gender and Cultural Studies Capstone Project 0
  • Two Additional Africana Studies Courses (8 semester hours) in the program each with an AST prefix.
  • Four Elective Courses (16 semester hours) chosen from the list of approved classes. At least one of the elective courses needs to be at the advanced 300-level. No more than two elective courses can be situated in the same department and have the same prefix.

Africana Studies Course Offerings:

AST101 Introduction to Africana Studies 4
AST 170 Introduction to 21st Century Global Literature 4
AST 175 African American Fiction 0
AST202 Introduction to Black Popular Culture 4
AST210 Black Women, Gender, and Feminism(s) 4
AST232 Race, Gender & Health 4
AST240 Black Intellectuals and Entrepreneurs 4
AST245 Tweeting Into the Future: Race, Technology & Social Media 4
AST249 Inequality: Race, Class, and Gender in Comparative Settings 4
AST 274 Literature of the Jazz Age 4
AST275 The Black Freedom Movement: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter 4
AST307 Black History at the Movies 4
AST313 The Black Struggle for Schooling in the The United States 4
AST 317 Toni Morrison Seminar 4
AST350 Independent Study 4
AST355 Senior Thesis 4
AST365 Intimate Family Violence 4
AST370 Internship 0
AST375 Behind the Veil: Simmons Oral History Project 4

Approved Elective Course offerings

ART251 African Art: 3000 BC to the Present 4
ART255 African American Art 4
COMM268 Human Rights in South Africa 4
CRGCS101 Identity and Power 4
CRGCS102 Introduction to Migration Studies 4
CRGCS355 Critical Race, Gender and Cultural Studies Capstone Project 0
FREN235 The Francophone Caribbean: Literature and Culture 4
FREN265 Francophone Short Stories 4
HIST 118 Topics in Latin American History 4
HIST210 African American Experience 4
HIST211 Medicine and the African American Experience 4
HIST213 Race and Ethnicity in U.S. History 4
HIST214 African Diaspora 4
HIST217 Caribbean History 4
HIST240 The Atlantic World 1500-1800 4
LTWR230 Postcolonial Film 4
LTWR235 Identity and Race in 19th Century American Literature 4
LTWR 274 Literature of the Jazz Age 4
LTWR327 Psychoanalysis, Race and Sexuality 4
POLS215 The Politics of Exclusion 4
POLS226 State and Local Politics 4
POLS228 The War on Drugs 3
POLS234 African American Political Theory 4
POLS242 Colonial & Postcolonial Politics of Africa 4
SOCI300 Special Topics: Race Theory 4
SOCI344 Sociology of Poetry & Prose 4
SOCI347 Antiracism and Social Justice 4
SOCI348 Re-envisioning the Third World 4

One Required Course (4 semester hours) chosen from the following:

AST101 Introduction to Africana Studies 4
AST102 Black Culture in U.S. Society 4
  • Two Additional Africana Studies Courses (8 semester hours) in the program each with an AST prefix.
  • Two Additional Courses (8 semester hours) in the Africana Studies program (AST prefix) or from the list of approved elective courses. At least one of the elective courses needs to be at the advanced 300-level.

The Africana Studies major and minor both pair well with any fields of study across the university. With a wide array of electives across many different departments, students have the freedom to choose a course of study that reflects their interests. Students interested in dual degree programs or self-designed majors should consult with program faculty to design an individualized program that best suits their interests. The program also offers internships and opportunities for advanced study in independent studies or a senior thesis for interested students as well as supports study abroad.

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