Cinema and Media Studies

Our students analyze moving images from every angle. 

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Explore cinema and media theories and techniques in an interdisciplinary minor in Cinema and Media Studies! Cinema and Media Studies students learn how to read and instrumentalize the building blocks of film form to both analyze film and media texts as well as produce and edit media of their own.   

Ranking in the top 5 U.S. media markets, our Boston location offers countless exciting and rigorous internship and career opportunities. Simmons Cinema and Media Studies students go on to jobs in content creation and media production across web, tv, and film, as well as graduate programs in Film, Cinema/Media Studies, Communications, Cultural Studies, and more!


LTWR 195 Art of Film 4
LTWR 221 The Critical Lens: Introduction to Film and Media Theory 4


Choose 3, 1 of which is a production class.
ART 138 The Poetry of Photography 4
ART 139 Color Photography CSI 4
ART 232 Advanced Digital Workshop 4
ART 237 Advanced Black and White Photography 4
ART 239 Art of the Real: Documentary Photography 4
ART 249 History of Photography 4
ART 256 Approaches in Contemporary Photography 4
AST 202 Introduction to Black Popular Culture 4
AST 307 Black History at the Movies 4
AST 245 Tweeting Into the Future: Race, Technology & Social Media 4
MUS 165 Music in Film 4
CHIN 214 Contemporary Chinese Cinema 4
COMM 120 Communications Media 4
COMM 121 Visual Communication 4
COMM 124 Media, Messages and Society 4
COMM 163 Radio Operations and Podcasting 4
COMM 220 Video Production 4
COMM 222 Animation 4
COMM 246 Digital Imaging for Design 4
COMM 262 Media Convergence 4
COMM 263 Social Media Journalism 4
LTWR 327 Psychoanalysis, Race and Sexuality 4
LTWR LTWR 354 Studies in Film: Melodrama 4
LTWR 398 Feminist Media Studies 4
FREN 314 Topics in French and Francophone Cinema 4
HIST 254 History Through Novels & Film 4
HIST 329 Film and History Representation 4
HIST 374 Modern U.S. History: Digital Humanities 4
PHIL 152 Philosophy Through Literature and Film 4
PHIL 225 Social Media, Digital Technology, and Ethics 4
SPAN 314 Hispanic Culture as Seen Through Film 4

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