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Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Programs and Institutional Initiatives (Interim)

Denise Horn

Denise Horn
Associate Professor of Political Science/IR and Women's and Gender Studies

Faculty Profile

The Associate Dean serves on the Ifill leadership team and responsibilities include overseeing interdisciplinary programs, academic assessment, academic auxiliaries (currently: Trustman Art Gallery and Student-Driven Media), and other cross-institutional initiatives as assigned.

Director of Operations

Donna Stewartson headshot

Donna Stewartson
MCB C-116C
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(University-facing): Oversees college budget and operations, including supervising all professional support staff. Works closely with the Provost's Office and other Operations Directors to align with university systems and share best practices.

Operations Specialist

Jennifer Sunoo headshot

Jennifer Sunoo
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(Chair-facing): Supports the work of departments including annual reports, program reviews, faculty contracts and review, course scheduling.

Executive Assistant

Jessica Gadson headshot

Jessica Gadson
MCB C-116
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(Dean-and Public-facing): Supports the work of the Dean's Office and its work with internal and external constituents.

Digital Classrooms and Labs Manager

Luke Romanak headshot

Luke Romanak
MCB E-137
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(User-facing): Oversees the operations of digital labs and classrooms, related inventory, and related student workers to meet curricular and student needs in Ifill College.

Gallery Specialist and Special Events Coordinator

Marcia Lomedico headshot

Marcia Lomedico
MCB C-426
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(Exhibits-and Events-facing): Supports the Trustman Art Gallery, university art collections, and Ifill special events to meet curricular and community needs.

Faculty Support Coordinator

Nick Osborne headshot

Nick Osborne
MCB C-309
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(Faculty-facing): Supports the teaching, scholarship, and creative activities in Ifill college, including clerical, web, and WorkDay support, and student worker staffing.