Web Design & Development

You'll critically understand every element of website development — from designing the perfect layout to writing the code behind the scenes — and build innovative, interactive websites.

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Build something beautiful

Web design and development combines classes from the communications and computer science departments. Alongside our experienced faculty, you'll blend theory with practice, building sophisticated websites with modern programming language and solving complex technical issues.

Our students hone their design and technical abilities and go on to successful careers in a wide range of industries.

Recent changes to this program will be updated here by late August. Please feel free to contact Amber Stubbs, Director, Division of Mathematics, Computing and Statistics, at [email protected], if you have any questions.

Required Core Courses

The core classes focus on providing students with a foundation for the other steps in their major.

COMM121 Visual Communication 4
COMM210 Introduction to Graphic Design 4
CS110 Foundations of Information Technology 4
CS112 Introduction to Computer Science 4

Required Courses

COMM240 Typography 4
COMM244 Web Design 4
CS221 Database Management Systems 4
CS321 Web-Centric Programming 4


Students take two electives, one from each discipline.
CS224 Data Visualization 4
CS227 Computer Networks 4
CS327 Cybersecurity 4
CS343 Systems Analysis & Design 4
COMM246 Digital Imaging for Design 4
COMM248 Type and Image 4
COMM333 Responsive Design 4
COMM340 Advanced Design 4

Senior Seminar (Capstone)

Web Design and Development students choose a capstone experience:
CS350 Independent Study 4
CS370 Internship 8
COMM370 Internship 0
COMM390 Studio 5: A Communication Workplace 4

Independent Learning

Students may choose to take independent studies and internships from either the Communications Department or the Computer Science and Informatics Program. The choice will depend on the nature of the independent study or internship. Students may also opt to take COMM 390, “Studio 5,” for their independent learning requirement.


CS112 Introduction to Computer Science 4
CS221 Database Management Systems 4
COMM121 Visual Communication 4
COMM210 Introduction to Graphic Design 4
COMM244 Web Design 4
CS321 Web-Centric Programming 4

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