Asian Studies

From literature to management, Asian Studies is an integrative program designed to prepare our students for work beyond the classroom.

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Are you ready for the global marketplace?

Our students are bright, compassionate and curious about the politics, society and language of this constantly developing region.

At Simmons, we encourage you to study abroad and apply your substantial knowledge to your career. Our faculty are experts in the field, motivating you to customize this program to fit your passions.

With a keen understanding of the past and present of Asia, our students find meaningful work through internships, graduate programs, employment abroad and service within and to the Asian American community.


Core Courses

Select and complete at least 1 core course from the following Core Course list:
HIST202 Asia to the Eighteenth Century 4
PHIL133 Asian Philosophy 4
AS216 Asian American Cinema 4


Select and complete 4 electives from the following list. No more than 2 courses may be taken in any one participating department. If an AS minor has already taken 1 core course, additional core courses will count as electives.
AS216 Asian American Cinema 4
ART252 Arts of China and Japan 4
CHIN201 Intermediate Chinese I 4
CHIN202 Intermediate Chinese II 4
CHIN260 Chinese Calligraphy 4
ECON222 Comparative Economies of East Asia 4
HIST201 Japanese History: Politics, Society, and Everyday Life 4
HIST202 Asia to the Eighteenth Century 4
HIST203 Power & Culture: East Asia 4
HIST206 Rise of Modern China 4
HIST207 Family, Gender, and Sexuality in Chinese History 4
JAPN201 Intermediate Japanese I 4
JAPN202 Intermediate Japanese II 4
PHIL119 World Religions 4
PHIL133 Asian Philosophy 4
POLS220 International Organization and Law 4
POLS223 Human Rights: The Basic Dilemmas 4
SOCI270 South Asia, People & Power 4

Department Contact

Shirong Luo, Ph.D
Philosophy Department
Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities
[email protected]

We encourage students to study abroad and learn modern language skills to broaden their understanding of world cultures. Interested students are able to undertake independent research projects of their own design in their junior or senior year.