Gender and Cultural Studies + Public Policy

The joint Master’s in Gender and Cultural Studies and Public Policy is designed for students who would like to combine the pragmatic approach of public policy with the broader, creative insights of gender and cultural theory.

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Blend theory with practice with our Master's in Gender and Cultural Studies and Public Policy degree

Simmons University's Master’s in Gender and Cultural Studies and Public Policy is ideal preparation for those with a particular interest in issues of diversity, race, gender, class, ethnicity, ability, and sexual orientation in public policy.

This program affords students the core skills and most essential content knowledge of public policy, at the same time that it offers students broad exposure to field of gender and cultural theory. Students in the program will be taught to apply this integration to real world issues. As a result, this program prepares graduates equally well to work in a policy setting or a nonprofit organization, where policy knowledge and analysis skills can heighten marketability.

This degree is designed for students who have a background and interest in interdisciplinary work. Students will ideally have an undergraduate degree in one or more of the following:

  • Communications
  • Critical Race Studies
  • English
  • Economics
  • History
  • International Relations
  • Modern Languages
  • Political Science
  • Public Policy
  • Media Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Women’s and Gender Studies.

While there is no one path to a successful degree application, prospective students must demonstrate an interest in applying their knowledge to real-world policy issues.

Candidates for the joint degree must complete a total of 11 courses. All students will complete a combined capstone project that integrates the two fields of study.


All degree candidates must complete a joint capstone, GCS/PP 455

Students have two options for capstone projects:

  1. Students will work with a specific organization on a policy problem related to race, gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, etc. Students selecting this option might choose to partner with their organization, and even do a formal internship. In this case, a 20-30 page policy brief would be the desired outcome for the capstone experience.
  2. Students will write a 50-60 page thesis that focuses on a policy issue that relates to race, gender, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation, etc.

Regardless of which option students choose, they will participate in a capstone seminar where they work with other GCS students to support each other during the writing process. All joint degree students present their capstone work at the GCS colloquium with other graduating students.

Required Courses

GCS403 Gender and Cultural Studies: Theory Into Practice 4
GCS420 Race, Gender, and Empire 4
MPP501 Policy Analysis & Theory 3
MPP502 Social Policy 3
SW404 Social Welfare Policy 3
MPP503 Economic Policy 3
MPP504 Quantitative Analysis 3
POLS517 Intersectionality and Public Policy 4
POLS556 Feminist International Relations 4
Three Gender-Focused Electives: see especially The Consortium for Women, Gender, Culture, and Sexuality Studies.
Suzanne Leonard and Zinnia Mukharjee

Program Directors

Suzanne Leonard serves as Director of the Graduate Program in Gender and Cultural Studies and Zinnia Mukherjee as Program Director for the Master of Public Policy.

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