Public Policy + Gender and Cultural Studies

The dual degree program in Public Policy (MPP) and Gender and Cultural Studies (MA) is designed for students who would like to combine the pragmatic approach of Public Policy with the broader, creative insight of theory.

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Blend theory with practice to create social change

This program is ideal preparation for those with a particular interest in issues of diversity, race, gender, class, ethnicity and sexual orientation in public policy. Students must apply and be admitted to both programs.

Students will be enrolled in both programs simultaneously and work with an advisor from each program to tailor their studies to meet their needs and interests.

Sequence of Courses

Candidates for the dual degree must complete a total of 13 or 14 courses (depending on whether the MPP internship requirement is waived). Six courses will be completed in the GCS program, six or seven will be completed in the MPP program, and the student will complete a combined capstone project that integrates the two fields of study

Six Required GCS Courses

  • GCS 403 Seminar in Gender and Cultural Studies
  • GCS 430 Cultural Theory
  • ONE of the following: GCS 406 Feminism and Literature; GCS 410 Issues in International Studies; GCS 412 Theoretical Approaches to Cultural Narratives; GCS 415 Feminism and Economic Difference
  • THREE GCS Electives

Six Required MPP Courses

  • MPP 501 Policy Analysis
  • MPP 502 Social Policy
  • MPP 503 Economic Policy 1
  • MPP 504 Quantitative Analysis 2
  • TWO MPP electives

MPP internship

Students must complete a one semester internship. This requirement may be waived for students with comparable work experience.

One Combined Capstone

  • MPP 505 Policy Capstone Students will work with a specific organization on a policy problem. Ideally the policy problem will focus on an issue related to race, gender, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation, etc.
  • OR GCS 460 Thesis Capstone Students will write a 60-80 page thesis that focuses on a policy issue.

Dual-degree students present their capstone work at the GCS colloquium with other graduating GCS students.

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Our Faculty

Ben Cole

Benjamin Cole

  • Social Sciences Division Director and Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations