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Simmons University Beatley Library (home of best library science programs)
Student Story

In the wake of the pandemic, the School of Library and Information Science master’s and doctoral students wonder: what can we learn from this experience? Take a look at their research projects on the impacts of COVID-19 on schools and public libraries.

From top left: Catherine Cox '23, Brianna Desharnais '22, Julia Hart '21, Lauren Howard '22, Evangeline Kennedy '21, Irmana Monem '21, and Graciella Rios Ortega '21

The Passionate Leaders Project supports undergraduate students seeking to enrich their academic and professional interests by funding learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. Learn what the Spring 2021 cohort is up to!

Headshot of Annie Chen
Voices of Simmons

Recent Fulbright Award winner, Annie Chen '21, shares her experience applying for the scholarship and provides valuable advice for other Simmons students embarking on the Fulbright application process.