Department of Communications

Our mission is to provide intellectually rigorous paths of study in communications including Journalism, Design, Integrated Media, Public Relations and Marketing Communications, Web Design and Development, Social Media, and Cinema and Media Studies. The program emphasizes the development of critical thinking, critical making, superior writing, visual intelligence, technical competence, and effective oral communication.

Studying Communications at Simmons University

By blending integrative learning with a deep understanding of communications and media theory, the department provides in-depth professional preparation for various fields in communications. Students actively engage with the challenge of communication across media for the screen, the page, and the web while gaining an understanding of the impact of the media on society and the individual.The department faculty is committed to standards of excellence and to the creation of a climate where students strive to make a difference in the community.

These objectives are accomplished in a supportive environment of collaboration, creativity, and active engagement with experiential learning led by a faculty of professionals and scholars.

Learning Outcomes

Communication Skills

  • Written: Graduates write clear, coherent, and audience-appropriate texts.
  • Visual: Graduates employ appropriate techniques and technologies to create visual media that conveys complex ideas and messages.
  • Spoken: Graduates use speech to articulate ideas and engage audiences, and are able to adapt to various speaking contexts.
  • Multimodal: Graduates integrate written, visual, and spoken communication to create multimedia content that enhances message clarity, impact, and reach.

Making Meaning

  • Critical Inquiry: Graduates draw on critical thinking and critical making skills to analyze and evaluate media representation and messaging. 
  • Intersectional Framework: Graduates use intersectional frameworks attentive to cultural and historical contexts to interpret and create media in ways that foster inclusivity and cultural literacy.
  • Audience: Graduates identify, understand, and effectively communicate across diverse target audiences, adapting strategies to engage and resonate with specific groups.

Professional Engagement

  • Responsibility: Graduates will learn, apply, and critically evaluate best practices within their respective professions using the appropriate ethical codes and/or legal considerations.
  • Strategy: Graduates will apply communication strategies across various professional contexts with an emphasis on application, evaluation, iteration, and reflection.
  • Adaptation: Graduates will demonstrate currency with evolving technologies and industry trends, adapting their communication skills and strategies accordingly.

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The Communications Department has integrated the effective use of technology in our curriculum at every level.


We offer juniors and seniors a variety of exciting internships. Because we're located in Boston, we can provide students opportunities at leading organizations.


CommTracks is the annual magazine produced by seniors from the Communications Department at Simmons University.

Studio 5

Studio 5 is a renowned faculty-facilitated, professional communications studio: students doing real work for real clients.

Simmons Radio

The Simmons University Radio studio streams live programming - known as The Shark - onto the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Briana Martino

Briana Martino

Associate Professor and Department Chair