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  1. A

    1. Office of Accessibility Services

      The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is committed to reducing barriers and enabling the full participation of students in our programs and activities. We provide academic and clinical accommodations to undergraduate and graduate students with documented accessibility needs.

    2. Accounts Payable

      Accounts Payable is responsible for overseeing the processing of payments for goods and services received from suppliers and individuals. We oversee invoicing and all expense reporting to ensure compliance with Simmons University guidelines. We also provide instruction for Workday processing.

    3. Advancement

      The Office of Advancement dedicates itself to building and sustaining relationships with alumnae/i, families, and friends through engagement, giving, volunteering, attending and connecting.

    4. The Simmons University Undergraduate Alumnae/i Association

      Founded in 1928, the Undergraduate Alumnae/i Association represents and serves all undergraduate alumnae/i of Simmons University. The Association exists to strengthen alumnae/i relationships with the University by creating pathways of engagement for Alumnae/i that will serve and advance the interests of Simmons, and reflect positively on Simmons by celebrating and supporting undergraduate alumnae/i success. 

    5. Alumnae/i Relations and Annual Giving

      The Office of Alumnae/i Relations strives to connect the global community of Simmons alumae/i with each other and the University as we create meaningful change in the world.

    6. Department of Art and Music

      The Department of Art and Music provides opportunities for students to pursue a variety of majors and activities in the arts, and to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the superb cultural atmosphere of Boston.

    7. Athletics

      Simmons participates in 9 NCAA Division III intercollegiate varsity sports.

  2. B

    1. Department of Behavior Analysis

      The Department of Behavior Analysis prepares students for a wide variety of professional paths, including service to individuals with autism and/or neurodevelopmental disabilities, and work in educational and/or clinical settings, industry, and private practice.

    2. Department of Biology

      The Department of Biology offers exceptional education in biological disciplines, rooted in theoretical knowledge, and enriched by interactive, hands-on learning.

    3. Buildings and Grounds

      Buildings and Grounds is responsible for management of all Simmons facilities. This includes general maintenance, alterations and repairs, capital construction, energy management, housekeeping, office moves, landscaping, shipping and receiving, and snow removal on both the main and residence campuses.

    4. School of Business

      With a firm foundation in finance, marketing, and management, students in the School of Business hone their business abilities and succeed in the globally competitive and multicultural world. We offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and Executive Education programs that position our students as leaders in their organizations and communities.

  3. C

    1. The Career Education Center

      The Career Education Center is here to empower all Simmons students and alumnx with the expertise, skills, and resources to engage in, access, and explore diverse opportunities for their life’s work, integrating their passion with their purpose in meaningful careers.

    2. Center for Community Engagement and Social Justice

      The Stephen D. London Center for Community Engagement and Social Justice facilitates and promotes community-based learning and develops strategic partnerships to advance learning, promote civic engagement, and enhance community leadership in order to create a more just society.

    3. The Center for Faculty Excellence

      The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) provides structures and opportunities to empower faculty excellence and help Simmons faculty thrive in their professional lives.

    4. The Center for Global Education

      The Center for Global Education, located in the Center for Student Success, oversees all study abroad opportunities and university exchange partnerships, international student services and many initiatives to help globalize the Simmons experience.

    5. The Center for Innovation in Behavioral Health Education & Research

      The Center for Innovation in Behavioral Health Education & Research at Simmons University (CIBER) focuses on research and training that advances workforce development in behavioral health. CIBER aims to decrease health inequities by improving the capacity of individuals and families, communities, professional providers, and policy makers to meet the needs of all populations through the delivery of high-quality, evidence-informed care.

    6. The Center for Leadership & Engagement

      The Jennifer Eckert Center for Leadership and Engagement has a mission to to enhance leadership development opportunities for a diverse and engaged student body by empowering students to practice Everyday Leadership, social responsibility, and mutual respect.

    7. The Center for the Study of Children's Literature

      The Center for the Study of Children's Literature supports and advances the study of children's and young adult literature through nationally recognized programs and partnerships.

    8. Department of Chemistry & Physics

      In the Department of Chemistry & Physics we educate students to become research-empowered, global citizens, with the skills and experience to thrive in their careers.

    9. Department of Children's Literature

      The Department of Children’s Literature Department, in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at Simmons, is a unique invitation to the writing and publishing world. The department administers four graduate programs.

    10. The College Writing Center

      The Writing Center offers one-on-one tutoring designed to strengthen students' academic reading, writing, critical thinking, and research skills. The Center works with faculty across schools and programs to address students' academic and discipline-specific writing needs.

    11. Colleges of the Fenway

      The Colleges of the Fenway is a collaborative of five neighboring Boston-based colleges and universities in the Fenway area: Simmons, Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

    12. Department of Communications

      The Department of Communications provides an intellectually rigorous path of study of communications media. The program emphasizes the development of critical thinking, superior writing capabilities, a contemporary visual intelligence, technical competence, and effective oral communication.

    13. Community Resource Room

      The Community Resource Room is a community-centered resource within the REEF Support Center (A-075 C) that strives to provide accessible and sustainable food/household products for free distribution.

    14. Office of Conferences and Special Events

      The Simmons conference services team collaborates with customers to plan, customize, and deliver affordable, successful events and meetings. We offer a variety of spaces for programs and events — including a conference center, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and classrooms.

    15. Controller's Office

      The Accounting Office stewards all financial assets at Simmons and is responsible for processing all financial transactions for Simmons. The Controller supervises this Office and reports to the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Simmons University.

    16. The Copy and Mail Center

      The Copy and Mail Center provides copy, digital printing, mail and shipping services to our faculty, staff and students. Copy and mail professionals are available to consult with you and provide solutions that meet your specifications and budgetary requirements.

    17. The Counseling Center

      The Counseling Center offers in-person and tele-health counseling for current undergraduate students.

    18. Department of Critical Race, Gender and Cultural Studies

      The Department of Critical Race, Gender, and Cultural Studies administers programs that express Simmons's commitment to understanding the power of culture to shape identities, lived experiences, inequities, and opportunities. It houses undergraduate programs in Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Migration Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies, as well as a Master's program in Gender and Cultural Studies.

  4. D

    1. Dining Services

      Dining Services strives to support the well-being of the Simmons community by providing a range of delicious and healthy options with meal plans that nourish your campus experience.

    2. Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

      The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion promotes awareness and understanding of the intersectionality of diverse identities that constitute our Simmons community.

  5. E

    1. Department of Economics

      The Department of Economics administers a program that provides students with an excellent background for careers in finance, industry, government, and the non-profit sector. In addition, it prepares students for graduate work in economics, law, business, and public policy.

    2. Department of Education

      The Department of Education is committed to helping our students learn to transform lives by educating learners of all ability levels, and reaching students at a young age to set them on a pathway to success

    3. Executive Education

      Executive Education programs have a lasting impact on women leaders and their organizations — enabling them to leverage their professional potential in new, more effective ways.

  6. F

    1. Office of Finance and Administration

      The Office of Finance and Administration is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable (non-student), cashiering, and general accounting.

    2. Fit at Simmons

      FIT at Simmons provides group fitness classes to Simmons students for free, thanks to a generous gift from Nancy Gavrin ’58! With a focus on physical and mental wellbeing, instructors provide a variety of classes to provide a holistic approach to fitness.

  7. G

    1. Office of the General Counsel

      The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for a wide range of policies and compliance.

    2. Office of Graduate Studies Admission

      Whether you're coming straight from undergraduate study — or making a change mid-career — the Office of Graduate Studies Admission will help you navigate the process of applying for a graduate degree.

    3. Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities

      At the Gwen The Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities cultivates trailblazers and leaders. Here, you'll study the modes of expression through which we record and interpret the human experience.

  8. H

    1. Health Center

      At Simmons Health Services, our mission is to maintain and enhance the health of the Simmons student body through comprehensive and accessible primary health care. We endeavor to support students in the pursuit of their academic and personal growth through promotion of healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices. We hope to accomplish these goals in an inclusive Health Center environment that is welcoming and supportive of all Simmons students.

    2. Department of Health Professions Education

      The Department of Health Professions Education empowers a new generation of transformative educators.

    3. Department of History

      The Department of History offers courses that introduce students to a variety of historical regions, periods, and methodologies, as well as clusters of courses that give students the chance to develop expertise in a particular area of history.

    4. Honors Program

      The Simmons Honors Program is an interdisciplinary program that develops thought leaders for the 21st century through rigorous curricular and experiential programming.

    5. Office of Human Resources

      The Simmons Human Resources team strives to provide the support and training necessary for employees to succeed in their roles and achieve their goals. We foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive Simmons workforce. In doing so, we contribute to our employees' wellbeing, our students' success, and the University's mission.

  9. I

    1. The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership

      The Simmons University Institute of Inclusive Leadership was founded in 2019 and builds on the University’s rich heritage of igniting positive action, fostering everyday leadership, and striving for lasting social justice. The annual Leadership Conference provides a powerful opportunity to be inspired, hear the wisdom of world-class women leaders, build leadership skills, and network with experts from around the globe.

    2. Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

      The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment provides consistent, standard, and objective data to support Simmon's enrollment, planning, and policy decisions.

    3. Institutional Review Board

      The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged by the University President with the responsibility of reviewing research proposals for the purpose of protecting the rights of individuals who are subjects of any research, conducted by faculty, staff, or students of Simmons University.

  10. L

    1. School of Library and Information Science

      The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) is a national leader with top-rated faculty, prestigious alumnae/i, and great locations in Boston and SLIS West (South Hadley, and Amherst, Massachusetts).

    2. Department of Literature & Writing

      The goals of the Department of Literature and Wrting are to familiarize our students with the work of important writers; to introduce them to the individual and cultural values, ideas, debates, and insights woven into literature; and to sharpen their skills as writers and creative thinkers.

  11. M

    1. The Makerspace

      The Makerspace is a student-led facility used for creative activity, entrepreneurial explorations, learning about robotics and technology, curricular and cocurricular projects, and community outreach and engagement.

    2. Division of Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics

      The Division of Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics offers programs that help students learn to think critically, logically, and abstractly and gain a strong theoretical foundation on which to build their understanding of current technologies—and to imagine new innovations.

    3. Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

      The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish at various levels.

    4. The Multicultural Center

      The Multicultural Center strives to help students merge the narratives of who they are with their academic and professional commitments. We acknowledge that an individual is made up of a multiplicity of identities that shape their experiences and we aim to provide space and education necessary to explore the intersections of who they are.

  12. N

    1. College of Natural, Behavioral, and Health Sciences

      In the College of Natural, Behavioral, and Health Sciences, you'll find inspiration at the intersection of life and science — cultivating innovative practices and procedures required to advance our scientific future and save lives.

    2. School of Nursing

      Simmons’ School of Nursing is home to one of the country’s first university-based nursing programs and we are proud to remain among the best programs in the field, recognized for clinical excellence, and preparing future leaders in health care through undergraduate and graduate nursing degree programs, including the online Nursing@Simmons programs.

    3. Department of Nutrition

      The Department of Nutrition offers outstanding education in every aspect of nutrition and dietetics. Each of our degree programs provides a strong foundation in the science of nutrition and extensive hands-on training, enabling our graduates to improve quality of life for individuals and communities.

  13. O

    1. College of Organizational, Computational, and Information Sciences

      The College of Organizational, Computational, and Information Sciences empowers students to change the world by harnessing the power of information. You'll find new patterns in potential pandemics, critique political campaigns, and examine global marketing strategies.

  14. P

    1. The Passionate Leaders Project

      The Passionate Leaders Project (PLP) supports undergraduate students seeking to enrich their academic and professional interests by funding learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.

    2. Department of Philosophy

      The Department of Philosophy encourages students not only to strive to understand what philosophers have written but also to be philosophers — to think with depth and clarity about issues that are fundamental to the human condition.

    3. Department of Physical Therapy

      The Department of Physical Therapy at Simmons University has been a respected leader in physical therapy education for over 50 years, known for world-class clinical training and innovative research.

    4. Department of Political Science and International Relations

      The Department of Politics strives to help students become informed citizens who think critically about the important issues of our time and to be informed citizens and thoughtful leaders for a changing global society.

    5. The President's Office

      The Office of the President serves as the administrative seat of the College, working in conjunction with the Board of Trustees oversee all of Simmons’s institutional affairs in accordance with the University's charter, bylaws, evolving statements of mission and purpose, and strategic plan.

    6. President’s Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

      The Advisory Council identifies, creates, sponsors, and advocates for opportunities for members of the Simmons community to do the work associated with inclusive leadership and understand how our multiple identities influence who we are as we practice inclusive leadership.

    7. The Provost's Office

      The Provost's Office is responsible for Simmons' academic operations, woking work closely with faculty and staff throughout the University on matters of curriculum, research and faculty affairs.

    8. Department of Psychology

      Students and faculty in the Department of Psychology share a desire to improve people’s lives and a commitment to social justice.

    9. Department of Public Health

      The Department of Public Health offers a Public Health Bachelor of Science program that is a unique combination of an interdisciplinary liberal arts education with a specialty focus on public health, and a Master of Public Health degree with a distinct focus on health equity. Online and on-campus options are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

    10. Department of Public Safety

      The Public Safety Department provides police and security services to the Simmons University community. The department operates around the clock, every day of the year.

    11. The Purchasing Department

      The Purchasing Department is responsible for maximizing the value of the Institutions’ spending power, facilitating the procurement of goods and services, managing the corporate credit card program and identifying diversity owned suppliers.

  15. R

    1. The Registrar's Office

      The Registrar's Office ensures the integrity of the academic records of all students and provide resources such as course registration, class and classroom scheduling, transfer credit evaluation, certification of enrollments, and the release of official academic records.

    2. Office of Residence Life

      The Office of Residence Life is responsible for the administration of — and student lif in — Simmons University Housing.

  16. S

    1. Senior Leadership Team

      The Senior Leadership Team consists of the President, the Provost, the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer and select Vice Presidents and Officers. The Senior Leadership Team works together on all institutional-level decisions.

    2. Simmons Online

      Through years of evaluation and research, Simmons University has mastered the delivery of high-quality online education that brings people together — and moves them forward.

    3. The Simmons PLAN

      Simmons PLAN (Purpose Leadership ActioN) is a highly customizable, four-year academic pathway that is a key part of the Simmons undergraduate experience. The curriculum provides students with a highly-immersive experience and faculty mentorship each year to graduation.

    4. Simmons Technology

      Simmons Technology is committed to providing reliable services, innovative solutions, and excellent support to the Simmons community.

    5. Simmons University Library

      The Simmons University Library fully supports the educational needs of all members of the Simmons Community— students, faculty, staff, alumnae/i, and guests.

    6. Simmons University Radio, a.k.a. The Shark

      The Simmons University Radio studio streams live programming onto the Internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is accessible to the general public in addition to students, alumnae/i, faculty, and staff.

    7. College of Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice

      The College of Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice inspires and empowers students to work towards equity and justice through a commitment to inclusive excellence and collaborations among the social sciences and professional fields.

    8. School of Social Work

      For over a century, Simmons has been a leader in innovative social work education. From cutting-edge simulations (the use of actors to simulate real world practice), to our renowned field education program, to our PhD and DSW programs which have strong mentoring components and value practice expertise, the School of Social Work provides students with a one-of-a-kind social work education.

    9. Department of Sociology

      The Sociology Department offers students a framework to understand social issues from a grounded and critical perspective and attracts students who are committed to social justice as an intellectual and activist pursuit.

    10. Office of Spiritual Life

      The Office of Spiritual Life works to facilitate spiritual development and meet the spiritual needs of students.

    11. Office of Sponsored Programs

      Research and Sponsored Programs staff within the Center for Faculty Excellence are dedicated to serving the Simmons University faculty in the search for funds to support research and externally sponsored activities.

    12. Division of Student Engagement, Success, and Diversity

      The Division of Student Engagement, Success, and Diversity is dedicated to empowering students to engage in transformative and meaningful experiences that foster community, career readiness, self-efficacy, and a sense of purpose.

    13. Office of Student Financial Services

      Student Financial Services is here to assist students and families with managing the cost of higher education and questions about financing your education at Simmons.

    14. Student Services One-Stop

      Rooted in the University’s mission to put the needs of our students first, Simmons One Stop brings together the non-academic services that are essential to students pursuing a Simmons education.

    15. Center for Student Success

      The Center for Student Success houses the Office of Undergraduate Advising, the Writing Center and Tutoring Center, the Center for Global Education, the Office of Accessibility Services, and the Career Education Center. These five offices work individually and collaboratively to assist students as they strive to be successful academically, professionally, and personally.

    16. Studio 5

      Studio 5 is a renowned faculty-facilitated, professional communications studio: students doing real work for real clients.

  17. T

    1. Technology Support Center

      Students, Faculty, and staff are welcome to visit us at the Technology Support Center (TSC) for technology assistance on Simmons standard applications.

    2. The Trustman Art Gallery

      Given in honor of Julia Myerson Trustman, ’24, by her husband, Benjamin, the Trustman Art Gallery exhibits the work of professional artists and has a yearly exhibition of student work from the Department of Art and Music. The gallery presents diverse and engaging art and programming that supports academic and curricular goals across the University and provides professional opportunities for students.

  18. U

    1. Office of Undergraduate Admission

      The Office of Undergraduate Admission is dedicated to helping students begin their college journey at Simmons.

    2. Office of Undergraduate Advising

      We partner with faculty advisors, academic departments and other Simmons support staff to encourage academic and personal development of all students.

    3. Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

      The Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (URF) is committed to supporting the intellectual curiosity, creativity and scholarly development of Simmons students.

    4. The Simmons University Archives

      The Simmons University Archives engages the Simmons community with an awareness of our shared history, collects and makes available material that document the University, and actively supports learning, research, and scholarship.

    5. University Bookstore

      In addition to all course related books and materials, the bookstore carries a wide variety of merchandise — like gifts, cards, candy and snacks — and offers many services.

    6. Office of University Communications

      University Communications provides support to the Simmons community through external and internal promotion; website, digital communications and social media strategy; public affairs and media and government relations assistance; branding and creative services; and internal communications.