Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged by the University President with the responsibility of reviewing research proposals for the purpose of protecting the rights of individuals who are subjects of any research, conducted by faculty, staff, or students of Simmons University. Federal Regulations place responsibility on the University and the Principal Investigator to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained for all research involving human subjects. IRB members are appointed by the Provost and possess the necessary experience and expertise to evaluate proposed research projects. The committee is diverse in terms of race, gender, cultural backgrounds, and awareness of local community concerns, and includes faculty, staff, Student Affairs representative, and local community members.

All IRB applications and correspondence are submitted via Cayuse.

All researchers and IRB members are required to complete CITI Training.


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Submitting to the IRB

All submissions to the Institutional Review Board must be submitted through Cayuse IRB.

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CITI Training Program

The IRB requires all individuals conducting research involving human subjects through the University to complete the CITI Program.

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