Our faculty and affiliates are leading experts on gender equity, work practice and organizational performance. We provide a variety of services to businesses, organizations, conferences, and media, whether for-profit or nonprofit, large or small, located in or outside the U.S.

Our Services

We use our original research and field experience as a foundation to raise awareness and understanding of issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Together with the training participants, we diagnose specific needs and challenges, and work collectively to develop action plans and associated metrics to ensure genuine and lasting improvement. We also provide specific training services that emerge from customized research we undertake with sponsoring clients.

CGO training expertise ranges from one-on-one executive coaching for senior officials to organizational engagements designed to change broad-based practices and cultures. Some of our offerings include:

Bystander Awareness: Lessons in Civil Courage

Bystanders can play a pivotal role in upholding shared norms of valuing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace. When there are deviations from these norms, bystanders can speak up, make room for silenced voices, halt a painful escalation, and make a difference.

The training provides specific examples and skills to empower bystanders to take on this challenging but important role. Shifting the focus off the "offended" and the "perpetrator" opens up a space for everyone to own a role in shaping their organizations to be places where diverse contributions are valued. Bystander training emphasizes the impact that all people, not just managers, have in addressing instances of bias and harassment in the workplace and other settings.

Outcomes of the training include being able to identify and interpret a situation where help is needed, assuming personal responsibility, deciding upon appropriate response, and taking action.

Men as Allies for Gender Equity

More and more organizations are recognizing the need to include men in gender equity efforts. And many men recognize that they have a role to play, but aren't sure how to move forward. This highly interactive session explores what it means to be a male ally, how advancing women is good for the organization, and what might get in the way of acting as an ally. The session concludes with individual and group action planning that prepares the participants to take concrete steps to support individual women, and to help change the culture to make it more inclusive for everyone.

Women's Leadership Development Programs

Working with Simmons Executive Education, we provide a variety of custom and open enrollment programs to support the development of high-potential women leaders. Find out more.

CGO's consulting approach is unique. We integrate collaborative, interactive research with frameworks for identifying how gender and diversity are embedded in organizational culture. We use our knowledge and skills to develop customized initiatives that help managers better understand the systemic nature of gender and diversity in their organizations, and help individuals create strategies to overcome these subtle dynamics. CGO affiliates have many decades of experience working on these complex issues, producing results-driven and highly accountable consultations that help our clients:

  • Recruit, promote and retain high-performing women and other under-represented groups
  • Reduce costly turnover that stems from gender inequities and work-life conflicts
  • Make the "business case" for gender equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Engage in substantive organizational change
  • Reduce costly turnover that stems from gender inequities and work-life conflicts
  • Make the "business case" for gender equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Engage in substantive organizational change

Research has been the cornerstone of The Center for Gender in Organizations' (CGO)'s work since our inception in 1998. This intellectually rigorous, thought-provoking body of original work positions us well to perform insightful customized research for sponsoring clients.

CGO works with corporations, governments and nonprofit organizations in the United States and around the world to design, execute, analyze, and report research that addresses specific gender, diversity and related workplace productivity and performance issues. We work with Boards of Directors, CEOs, Human Resources Departments and business units, skillfully using a wide variety of research techniques to reveal underlying needs and challenges and to help clients devise action plans to solve them and, in some cases, convert them into opportunities.

Learn more about CGO's custom research services by sending us an email or contacting us at 617-521-3315.