Parking at Simmons

For information on parking please contact us at 617-521-2765 or [email protected].

Directions to the Simmons Parking Garage

Get directions to Simmons or follow the map below for the Simmons University Parking Garage. For any questions related to parking at Simmons, please contact us at 617-521-2765 or [email protected].

Location and Hours

The Simmons University parking garage is located on our academic campus in the Management and Academic Building.

Garage Hours

The Garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Parking Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 am – 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

*Please contact us contact us at 617-521-2765 or [email protected] if you need to make other arrangements or meet with us after hours.

Read about our Parking Regulations.

Simmons Garage Parking Rates

Discounted Simmons Visitor Rates

Effective July 1, 2024

To obtain a discounted Simmons visitor rate, you must receive an exit ticket from the department or office you are visiting. You must present one of the following tickets as you depart the garage for discounted or free parking:

  • Discounted ticket that allows visitors to exit the garage at the Simmons daily visitor rate.
  • Complimentary ticket that allows visitors to exit the garage at no cost.

Parents of current Simmons students please note: when visiting your student at Simmons, you must obtain a visitor ticket from Res Life before your visit. We recommend that your student obtain the ticket ahead of your visit to campus.


0-2 hours$10.80
2-4 hours$16.00
4-5 hours$21.60
Over 5 hours$28.80


0-2 hours$10.80
2-4 hours$16.00
Over 4 hours$21.60

Please note: If you are coming to campus for an admission tour or an information session your parking will be free of charge and validated by our admissions office.

Public Parking

Effective July 1, 2024

Un-validated visitors and visitors with lost entrance or no exit parking coupons will pay the current daily rate.

Public Daily Rates

15 minutes - 1 Hour$12.00
1 Hour - 2 Hours$17.00
2 Hours - 3 Hours$22.00
3 Hours - 4 Hours$27.00
4 Hours+$38.00

Early Bird $35, entry 5 am–7 am, exit by 6 pm. Daily rate resets at 5 am.

Street Parking & Public Garages

Due to limited parking in the urban area around Simmons, we encourage visitors, students, staff, and faculty to use alternative transportation when commuting to Simmons. Limited parking is available on nearby streets and private garages.

Street Parking

The majority of available street parking spaces have city parking meters which require payment via quarters. Please be sure to follow any rules listed on the street meters and street signs to avoid being ticketed or towed by the city.

Streets with some available metered parking near the Main Academic Campus include The Fenway, Palace Road, and Evans Way. On the opposite side of the Muddy River from the Main Academic Campus, some metered parking is available on Park Drive, Kilmarnock Street, Peterborough Street, and Queensberry Street.

Near the Main Residence Campus, some metered parking is available on Brookline Avenue

Public Garage Parking

The Longwood Medical Area and Fenway area have a significant number of privately-owned park-for-a-fee garages which are not affiliated with Simmons University. Contact the garages for current rates. View a map of parking garages in the area.