Parking Regulations

The following parking regulations are intended for the benefit, safety and convenience of the Simmons University community.


All parking permit and Parking Cash account holders are responsible for reading and understanding the Simmons University Parking Regulations.


General parking is allowed in the Main Academic Campus Garages during open hours: Monday - Friday, 6am to 12am; Saturday - Sunday, 8am to 12am (vehicles parked after midnight will be towed at the owner's expense). Residence Campus parking in the Bartol and Smith Lots is limited to authorized permit-holders within their assigned space. Campus parking is only allowed in designated parking areas within a single parking space marked by two yellow stripes.

Parking is prohibited along the entrance and exit roads, in the shipping and receiving area, in fire lanes, in front of and on parking ramps and pedestrian ramps, in handicapped spaces (without proper state placard or plate), in diagonally-striped spaces between handicapped spaces, and around the parking booth. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking in the garage.


Parking accounts and permits are non-transferable and may only be used while the holder is on campus for official university business. Parking accounts and permits allow garage use by one vehicle at a time. Misuse will result in ticketing, towing at the vehicle owner's expense, or revocation of parking privileges.

For security purposes, all employees must park in the Palace Road Garage (PRG) which requires additional card access. Failure to enter the Palace Road nest within 15 minutes of entry may result revocation of parking privileges.

Visitors, student semester permit-holders, and student parking cash account-holders must park on levels P1-P3 in the School of Management (SOM) garage unless instructed by Public Safety personnel to do otherwise.


Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Unusually high demand, university events, construction, heavy snowfall, or special circumstances will occasionally prohibit permit holders and scheduled visitors from securing a parking space. The Univeristy assumes no responsibility, financial or otherwise, to vehicle drivers if parking is unavailable — drivers are required to make alternative arrangements at their own expense.


Vehicle drivers are required to follow the instructions of Public Safety, parking personnel, and all posted signage.


Parking policy violations, enforced by Public Safety, may result in ticketing, towing at the vehicle owner's expense, or revocation of parking privileges.


Simmons assumes no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked on Simmons property, to vehicles being moved by valets, or to vehicles being towed off-campus.


The parking policy applies to all students, faculty and staff of the University and shall be deemed a part of the terms and conditions of the admission and enrollment of students and the employment of faculty and staff members. These regulations apply to all visitors and shall be deemed a part of the terms and conditions of the permission to enter the grounds of Simmons University and operate vehicles on campus property. Questions regarding the enforcement of the parking policy should be directed to Public Safety, at 617-521-1112.


Simmons University reserves the right to change parking policies and limit parking permit sales at any time.