Commuting Alternatives

Being green is important to our community.

Simmons supports commuting alternatives for staff, faculty and students to help our community members get to and from campus using environmentally responsible modes of transportation.

Simmons is proud to have received an Excellence in Commuter Options (ECO) Award from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation every year since its inception in 2011 and to be recognized by the City of Boston as a Silver Level Bike Friendly Business in 2014.

Train and Bus Options

Planning your MBTA trip

The MBTA provides a useful trip planning tool on their website which can help you determine the best service, or combination of services, to use during your commute to and from Simmons.

MBTA buses #8, #19, #47, CT-2, and CT-3 all stop outside Lefavour Hall on Avenue Louis Pasteur and travel to Ruggles. The #8 and #19 run well into the evening. For more information about how often and late the MBTA buses run please click here.

If you have feedback to share about your experience riding the MBTA, please complete this Transit Feedback Form. Your feedback is important and will be shared with the MBTA.

MBTA Passes

Discounted MBTA Passes are available through pre-order programs.

Semester passes may be ordered prior to the start of each semester through the Center for Leadership and Engagement.

Staff and Faculty
Information about the employee MBTA Subsidy benefit is available through Benefits and Payroll.

All staff and faculty MBTA pass questions should be sent by email to [email protected].

CommuteWorks Program provided by MASCO

CommuteWorks, a service provided by The Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization (MASCO) provides information on commuting alternatives such as ridesharing, and shuttle busses, while also operating free incentive programs like CommuteFit, Commute Swap, and Emergency Ride Home.

Some highlights of the commuting alternatives available through the CommuteWorks program are:


Park Your Bicycle On Campus

Simmons is located in a perfect area for bike riding for pleasure and commuting. Simmons bike racks are located in the following locations on the Academic Campus:

  • Park Science Center (Entrance)
  • Park Science Center (East Side by trash compactor)
  • One Palace Road (near Shipping/Receiving area)
  • SOM and Academic Building (along driveway near Palace Road)

On the Residence Campus, bike racks are located in the following locations:

  • Bartol Hall (covered bike parking located beside parking lot)
  • Holmes Sports Center (near entrance)

Please see the Bike Rack Map for exact locations.

Bike Repair Stations are located at One Palace Road and Bartol Hall bike racks. The repair station is a self-service repair pedestal that includes an air pump and many tools to perform basic maintenance and repairs, like changing a flat or adjusting brakes. Use the QR code on the front of the station to view instructions about how to make repairs on your smart phone.

Bikes may not be brought into offices or left in hallways, lounges, or other public places because they create a fire hazard. Bikes may not be locked to handrails or fences on either campus. Bikes left in unauthorized places will be considered abandoned and turned over to Public Safety. Storing bikes in student rooms during the academic year is discouraged.


Hubway bicycles are available for rent at many locations near both of the Simmons campuses. Please visit their website for pricing and location information.

Protect Your Bike Against Theft

It can take just seconds for a thief to steal YOUR bike. Protect yourself with these DOs and DON'Ts from Simmons Public Safety.


  1. DO keep your bike locked at all times.
  2. DO lock your bike to a secure object, such as a bike rack, located in a well lit, high traffic area.
  3. DO use a heavy-duty U-Lock. Lock your bike as close to the rack as possible to prevent thieves from inserting a crowbar. Position your lock with the key mechanism toward the ground.
  4. DO lock up components, such as quick release wheels, and take small accessories, like lights, with you.


  1. DON'T lock your bike to small trees, chain link fences, or other private property. Your bike could be removed without notice.
  2. DON'T lock your bike to prohibited objects or block pedestrian traffic. 
  3. DON'T only lock your bike through the frame and front wheel without also locking it to a secure object.
  4. DON'T lock your bike in the same area every day. Thieves notice patterns.

Bike Registration

To help keep your investment safe register your bike through the National Bike Registry. Since 1984, the National Bike Registry (NBR®) has been working with law enforcement to return stolen bikes to their rightful owners. A bike registered with NBR can be identified by police and returned to you instead of being sold at an auction.

Additional Resources


The MASCO Commute Works' Rideshare Loyalty Program will help you join or create a carpool or vanpool by introducing you to commuters who live near you and commute to this area.

Walking and Jogging

Students and employees who live close enough to walk or jog may find maps available on Google and MapQuest useful for their first trips to the campus.

Employees may wish to join MASCO's CommuteFit program to log their green commutes for incentives.


Zipcar provides hourly rentals of cars conveniently located throughout the Boston area. Zipcar has partnered with Simmons University to locate a Zipcar for our students and employees in the MCB parking lot next to the One Palace Road building. Simmons students and employees are provided a discounted membership rate by Zipcar but applicants must be over 21 years of age to apply. Further information and an application can be found on

Zipcar's Simmons web page.


With NuRide, users can find other commuters sharing their commute and log their green commutes to accumulate points. Points can be redeemed at local businesses and attractions. To learn more and see who's already "NuRiding" in your area visit If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].