The Tutoring Center assists students in becoming independent and successful learners. Each semester, faculty recommend students who have successfully completed their courses to act as Peer Tutors for individual tutoring and study groups.

Our Tutors

  • review assignments
  • help students plan long and short-term goals
  • assist students in becoming independent learners
  • help students develop methods and strategies to solving problems rather than simply giving answers to questions
  • assist with study strategy and time management

If you are new to the Tutoring Center, you can register and schedule an appointment. Students are allowed 2 hours of tutoring per week

Our Mission

The mission of the Tutoring Center is to assist students in becoming independent and successful learners.

To accomplish this mission Simmons provides course content tutors in many disciplines (e.g., math, biology, chemistry, art history, modern languages) as well as specialists in study skills and time management.

Learning Outcomes

Students/Tutees will be able to:

  • prioritize which aspects of their work they want to strengthen
  • use strategies and resources to develop skills
  • apply with confidence what they have learned plan next steps

Peer Tutors will be able to:

  • diagnose tutees' understanding and skills
  • negotiate with tutees how best to support them
  • provide guidance and resources
  • apply interpersonal and technical skills as well as flexibility to meet the needs of tutees

Tutoring Center

Center for Student Success, Ground Floor, Lefavour Hall