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At Simmons University, we are committed to the full participation of all students in our programs and activities. Simmons University is mandated by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to provide equal access to facilities, educational and co-curricular programs, campus activities and employment opportunities to qualified individuals with disabilities.

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The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) is a strategy-based service that supports students in their academic endeavors both on the ground and online. Students registered with OAS are expected to adhere to the same academic and behavioral standards as the rest of the University. A student’s initial connection and ongoing interaction with OAS is self-propelled.

We invite you to contact the Office of Accessibility Services at with any questions or concerns. You are welcome to make an appointment and visit us in the Center for Student Success, on the Ground Floor of Lefavour Hall. Please refer to this Simmons Access Info Sheet. We look forward to working with you!

We would like to build your file and get to know your case prior to your arrival. You may begin to submit your documentation immediately and preferably before August 15th. While all students can register with our office at any time in the year, we recommend starting early so that your documentation can be reviewed, and you can request your accommodations in a timely manner.

In order to fully register with OAS, you must provide documentation of the disability that substantially limits a major life activity, such as learning, hearing, seeing, reading, walking, and speaking. All submitted documentation must include the name and professional credentials of the evaluator on the diagnostician’s letterhead in clear and legible writing.

Submitting your documents

A. If your documentation is current (within 4 years from the date of the diagnostic tool) then you are ready to submit your documentation.

  • Scan and email your completed documentation form and assessment to Please use your official Simmons email address when scanning forms to Accessibility Services.
  • Mail or hand-deliver your completed documentation form and assessment to our office: Simmons University, Office of Accessibility Services, Center for Student Success, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115
  • We cannot accept fax submissions. 

B. If your documentation is not current or does not yet exist, you must request documentation from a provider or specialist. 

Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Learning disability: Your most recent educational testing scores (e.g. Aptitude Testing, IQ & Information Processing Testing, or Academic Achievement Testing).
  • ADHD: DSM-IV or V Diagnosis and full diagnostic report.
  • Psychiatric disability: DSM-IV or V Diagnosis, impact on academic functioning, and recommended academic accommodations.
  • Physical disability: Diagnosis and assessment, impact causing substantial limitation (including history of accommodations if applicable), and recommended accommodations.
  • Supplementary verification form: This verification form can be used as a supplement when primary documentation is pending. A copy of the most recent psycho-educational or disability-related evaluation is required to fully register with OAS. In some cases, this verification form may be a primary document for medical circumstances/diagnoses. 

Your documentation will be reviewed upon receipt. If your submission is deemed insufficient, you will be reached by OAS to provide supplemental information.

Please review the timeline below to ensure that you are on track for requesting and receiving your accommodations in a timely manner.

May - August

  • Submit documentation from your provider or specialist to the Office of Accessibility Services.
  • Request any special housing accommodations.

August - September

  • Check the Office of Accessibility Services website for updated information on requesting accommodations.
  • Attend an information session in the fall to get familiar with Accessibility Services processes and guidelines.
  • First-year students, schedule a meeting with an OAS staff member in September.

In mid-August, we will launch an accommodation request form for the full academic year. This process is currently under construction and we will welcome accommodation requests in mid-August. Stay tuned for the live link.

Note that your request will not be processed until we have received complete documentation.

  • In mid-August, submit your request for academic accommodations.
  • In early-to-mid-September, schedule a meeting with OAS staff.
  • After you meet with OAS staff and your accommodation requests are reviewed, you will receive one Academic Accommodation Authorization form for all of your professors for the entire academic year.

If you intend to request special housing accommodations based on a documented diagnosis/disability for your on-campus Simmons residence, you will need to complete some additional steps which you can read about here.

In accordance with applicable federal, state, and city disability laws,  Simmons University will review your request for housing accommodations.

Simmons University has established the following procedures to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to Simmons University housing resources:

Requesting Housing Accommodations

Step 1

Please read these steps carefully and review the two necessary housing forms to understand the process of requesting housing accommodations. The Office of Accessibility Services does its best to provide equal access to the residential experience. The nature of each student’s disability and its impact on living in residence is carefully reviewed case-by-case.

Step 2

Complete and submit the two housing forms: Treating Practitioner’s Verification and Student Request for Accessible Housing Accommodations. Your healthcare provider should complete the Verification form, or provide other supporting documentation.

  • Scan and email to Please use your official Simmons email address when scanning forms to Accessibility Services. Include first initial and last name in the subject line.
  • If you are unable to scan the documents, we invite you to send via U.S. Mail or personally deliver to: Simmons University, Office of Accessibility Services, Center for Student Success, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115.
  • We cannot accept fax submissions.

Information provided to the Simmons University Office of Accessibility Services is kept confidential.

Your request and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the Office of Accessibility Services and Office of Student Affairs.

  • Please be aware that requesting a housing accommodation is a different process from requesting an academic accommodation.
  • Housing accommodations must be requested for each academic year. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Your application must contain two parts in order to be reviewed: the Student Request for Accessible Housing Accommodations and the Treating Practitioner’s Verification forms. 

Housing Accommodation Application Deadlines

Academic Session Deadline for Application and Documentation
2019-2020 Academic YearNew Students: July 5, 2019
Returning Students: February 15, 2019
Summer 2019All Students: March 25, 2019

All accommodations approved after the applicable deadline will be assigned based upon availability; students are placed on a priority wait-list by the Office of Residential Life.

Policies are currently under review to ensure clarity. If you need to review a policy immediately please reach

  • Process for Registering with the Disability Services Office
  • Procedure for Completing Accommodation Letters
  • Procedure for Making Exam Arrangements
  • Procedure for Setting Up Exam Accommodations In Online Classes
  • Note Taking Assistance Accommodation Procedure
  • Process for Requesting Textbook Materials in an Alternate Format
  • Procedure for requesting a Foreign Language Waiver
  • Extensions on Papers and Projects Policy
  • Occasional Absences Policy
  • Procedure for Requesting Housing Accommodations Based on a Disability.
  • Service Animal Policy
  • Emotional Support Animal Policy
  • Grievance of Accommodations

Accessibility Services

Center for Student Success, Ground Floor, Lefavour Hall Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.