Dean's Fellows

The Ifill Dean's Fellows program provides high-quality, educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to participate in academic life by pursuing projects that advance the work of academic departments, programs, or units.

Ifill College is committed to supporting students in linking passion with purpose as they prepare to become leaders in their lives, careers, and communities. Sustained engagement with an academic field outside of class can be an important part of that transformative education.

Academic Year 2021-2022: 2 grad fellows and 2 undergrad fellows available

Department proposals due April 30 for fellowships in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022

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Department Proposals

The Dean's Office announces the number of Dean's Fellows available in the coming academic year and invites proposals from departments and programs. Proposals will briefly describe the nature of the work or project, its educational benefit to the student, and how it will advance the work of the home department or program. See the proposal form.

Dean's Fellowships can be one semester or a full year; total funding is roughly equivalent to working an average of 10 hours (undergraduate) or 15 hours (graduate) per week. Dean's Fellowships are distinct in purpose from professional staff and student worker positions that support the regular business of the College.

Student Applications

The Dean's Office works with departments to advertise all open Dean's Fellows positions, including a description of the home department/program and nature of the work. Applications ask students to reflect briefly on how the opportunity can advance their intellectual interests and post-Simmons plans. Selection by home department/program nomination.

Student Eligibility

Any student in good academic standing is eligible. Priority given to students who are pursuing a major, minor, or graduate degree in one of Ifill's Programs.


Undergraduate Dean Fellows:

Up to $2250 per semester (avg 10 hours/week @$15/hr x 15 weeks)

Graduate Dean Fellows:

Up to $3600 per semesters (avg 15 hours/week @$16/hr x 15 weeks)