December News: Publications, Presentations, and an "Adventurous Librarian"

December 24, 2014

Our alumni, students, and faculty have news and accomplishments to share.

PhD/MLIP candidate Felton Thomas, Jr. was featured as an "Adventurous Librarian" on a website promoting The Librarians on TNT. Librarian profiles were provided by the American Library Association. Thomas's profile can be seen here.

The American Association of Law Libraries has selected Emily R. Florio '06LS as one of its two new 2015-2016 executive board members. Florio is currently manager of library services at Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP in Washington, D.C. Her term on the board begins in July 2015.

Diane Booton '04LS has had an essay, "International Travel, Learning Opportunities," published in the American Libraries International Supplement, August edition, pp. 12-13:

Adjunct Prof. Eric Poulin and SLIS students Katie Flynn, Katie Beth Ryan, and Rebecca Morin have been selected to present at the 2015 Massachusetts Library Association Conference, May 5-7 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Their presentation is titled "Think, Pair, Share But Don't Stop There--Creative Teaching Techniques for Effective Instruction."