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  1. View of the cupola from the quad through trees

    Tammy Caputi  ’99MBA is the president and owner of Yale Electric West, Inc., a lighting and electrical supply distributing company, and a Councilwoman for the City of Scottsdale, Arizona.

  2. Samantha Margolin '23

    “I always knew I wanted to study the environment,” says Samantha Margolin ’23, who studied Environmental Science and Computer Science at Simmons. “The course I took for my environmental science degree sparked my passion for plant biology and challenged me...

  3. A seal for the Carnegie Foundation Elective Classification for Leadership for Public Purpose 2024-2030

    This designation recognizes our institutional commitment to the pursuit of leadership and the collective public good. Most exciting, this honor is a national recognition of the unique brand of leadership we have developed and advanced at Simmons – a group of everyday leaders committed to doing well and doing good.

  4. Girls at Work logo posted on a wall.  An orange, diamond shaped sign with the words "Girls at Work" in the center.

    Incoming student Kaylee Richard is the program director of Girls at Work, “a non-profit after-school program that uses power tools and the Socratic method to empower girls.”

  5. Participants at the 2024 Simmons Leadership Conference

    The 2024 conference featured a roster of speakers exploring this year’s theme of “Creating Impact” in their personal and professional lives, and how those efforts ripple out to the people and communities around them.

  6. Abigail Bloom standing among trees and bushes

    Public Health major Abigail Bloom ’24 discusses her study abroad experience, the research projects she has participated in, and some of her favorite courses at Simmons.

  7. Photo of Debora Edouard

    Neurobiology major Debora Edouard ’24 discusses her favorite moments at Simmons, her research, and her unique experience as a first-generation college student.

  8. Gia Lebrun ’24

    First-generation student Gia Elie ’24 has engaged in community service in the Boston area as part of the Alpha Kappa sorority. She has also been involved with the Black Student Organization and has completed two internships. She counts the friendships she has made at Simmons as one of her most transformative experiences.

  9. Cyndee Landrum

    Cyndee Landrum, a student in the Simmons University Library and Information Science PhD, has been named Acting Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

  10. The main campus building at Simmons University

    Since joining the Simmons University Alumnae/i Association Executive Board (AAEB), Kelly O’Connell ’99 has helped launch the Simmons Tuesday Tea Podcast, and co-hosted the Byond Balance event last November. On April 2, AAEB is hosting a special Simmons campus screening of “Show Her The Money,” a documentary that delves into the gender gap in venture capital funding with a focus on empowering women entrepreneurs.