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  1. The Park Science Center building on the Simmons University campus

    At the time it was built in the early 1970’s, the Park Science building served as a symbol of progress and achievement in women's-centered education. It challenged gender norms and societal expectations while promoting inclusivity and diversity in academia.

  2. Maggie Knowles Headshot

    As the Editor-in-Chief of edible MAINE, a print and digital magazine that explores Maine’s food scene, alumna Maggie Knowles promotes a holistic approach to the culinary arts and food production. Knowles spoke with us about her love for writing and food, and how Simmons helped her achieve her dreams.

  3. Professor Anna Aguilera (right) pictured with Professor Jane Lopilato and student Amanda Burgess

    As Associate Professor of Biology Anna Aguilera explains, pollination is crucial to the ecosystem. Through a partnership with Best Bees, Simmons faculty and students attain a better understanding of pollinators and their role in environmental sustainability . What is the...

  4. What inspired your interest in climate change and environmental economics? While I care about “the environment” itself, my concern for people is really what comes first. Changes to the climate threaten human lives and can exacerbate various social issues from...