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Professor Hamilton-Mason Honored by Haymarket People’s Fund

Professor of Social Work Johnnie Hamilton-Mason

On Wednesday, May 1, Professor Johnnie Hamilton-Mason was honored by Haymarket People's Fund for her work in support of the Fund.

According to the Haymarket website, Hamilton-Mason “is an interdisciplinary researcher who has served on several national boards and committees. Many institutions have honored her work, and she is the inaugural Visiting Scholar at Embrace Boston. Through her work, she fosters an international understanding of the effects of socio-economic globalization and regional political transformation on vulnerable populations. She has been and continues to be an important academic partner to Haymarket.”

Haymarket People’s Fund supports anti-racist, grassroots organizations across the New England region. Now celebrating 50 years of funding, the Fund has contributed to every major progressive movement since 1974, including Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Peace, Environmental issues, Gay Liberation, and Anti-Apartheid movements.

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