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  1. Abigail Bloom, Aria Cooper, and Adriana Lizeth Campuzano Martinez

    The Passionate Leaders Project (PLP) supports Simmons undergraduates by enriching their academic and professional interests beyond the boundaries of a conventional classroom. Students may request up to $4,000 to support their research, internships, and creative endeavors. This semester’s cohort comprises student-scholars producing original research on healthcare for seniors, fashion sustainability, and the intersection of the arts, social justice, and gender-expansive agency.

  2. A close-up image of two sets of hands clasping together

    Family Nurse Practitioner and Simmons alumna Angela Regalado is a member of the medical team at Carolina House Calls, offering high-quality medical care to patients who are underserved due to mobility issues, disabilities, chronic illnesses, and so forth.

  3. A number of pills pouring out of a prescription bottle.

    Millicent Gorham, a Simmons alumna, honorary doctorate, and Trustee argues that “we must recognize that obesity is a chronic disease with serious health consequences.”

  4. Nisha Wali '21FNP teaches class on bone marrow transplants to nurses at Dhaka Medical College Hospital

    Professor Emerita Anne-Marie Barron and Associate Professor of Practice Kelly Marchant, along with collaborators Emily Erhardt, Jocelyn Hulburt ’08BSN, and Nisha Wali ’21FNP, recently received the 2023 Award of Excellence from the End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC).

  5. Living a Triggered Life podcast poster

    For 18 years, Roxann Mascoll ’15MSW worked as a domestic violence specialist. She is now Lead Clinician for The Triggered Project, a non-profit that includes a play and film that addresses how Black and Brown men experience and process childhood trauma.

  6. A graphic depicting salad vegetables in a circle in front of a person's stomach

    Despite all the hype about probiotics and detoxifying “gut resets,” scientists still do not have a general consensus regarding what constitutes a healthy gut. Biologists and dieticians have, however, identified correlations between a healthy microbiome and a healthy diet. “Plant...

  7. Wilfred Labiosa ’20PhD

    Wilfred Labiosa ’20PhD opened a series of Waves Ahead community centers in Puerto Rico, a nonprofit dedicated to working with marginalized and vulnerable people in Puerto Rico — most notably, LGBTQ+ elders.

  8. Two bowls of salad with dressing in bowls on the side.

    Health-conscious individuals gravitate toward greens, but they may be wary of the extra calories that salad dressing contains. “I don’t want people to worry about salad dressing to the point that they’re not eating the salad. Eat the salad,” Professor of Nutrition Teresa Fung told NBC’s

  9. Molly Riportella holding a book amoung shelves of library books

    Molly Riportella ’12MS, a librarian in Westwood, Massachusetts, found a way to discreetly supply resources to people in violent relationships.

  10. An aerial view of the Simmons University academic campus

    Simmons University has received grant funding from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to address health needs in the communities the hospital serves. The $416,000 grant awarded to Simmons University will help support mental and behavioral health at Fenway High School located in Mission Hill.