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Eva Piernas' Journey from Simmons University to Infectious Disease Research ('23)

Eva Piernas '23

How Did Eva's Time at Simmons University Shape Her Path in Science?

Eva Piernas, a recent 2023 alumni, reflected upon her journey at Simmons University, where she majored in Neuroscience on the neurobiology track and minored in Chemistry. As she prepares to embark on her next adventure as a wet-lab research assistant at the Division of Infectious Disease in Brigham and Women's Hospital, affiliated with the Harvard Institute of Medicine, Eva reminisces about the irreplaceable experiences and supportive community that have shaped her path in science.

A Truly Rewarding College Experience

Eva describes her time at Simmons University as a truly rewarding experience, emphasizing the intellectual challenges that she encountered and the lasting friendships and connections she established. However, what truly stood out to Eva were the dedicated individuals who tirelessly supported students and contributed positively to the Simmons community. Eva mentions her professors and academic staff, as well as the cafeteria workers at Bartol, expressing her gratitude for their unwavering commitment to student well-being. Eva shares, "They deserve immense recognition for their dedication to students and faculty. I must mention Andrea, who works in Common Grounds, as she ensured we had breakfast and coffee to keep us alert during classes."

How Did the Faculty at Simmons University Provide Support?

One of the pillars of Eva's Simmons experience was the exceptional support she received from the faculty. She commends their kindness, genuine care for students' well-being, and unwavering commitment to academic success. The professors at Simmons displayed an exceptional dedication to their students, fostering an environment where learning was not only transformative but also deeply enriching. Eva's close relationships with her professors provided her with valuable mentorship and guidance throughout her college experience. Eva mentions, "The faculty at Simmons has been incredible, displaying kindness and a genuine desire to see their students succeed academically while also caring for their overall well-being. Choosing Simmons was undoubtedly the best decision I could have made for my college education."

Future in the Division of Infectious Disease

As Eva looks ahead to her future endeavors, she shares her excitement about joining the Division of Infectious Disease at Brigham and Women's Hospital, where she will serve as a wet-lab research assistant. The position of a wet-lab research assistant in the Division of Infectious Disease at Brigham and Women's Hospital involves conducting laboratory-based research related to infectious diseases. Affiliated with Harvard Institute of Medicine, this opportunity marks a significant milestone in her scientific career. Eva outlines her responsibilities, which encompass processing specimens from participants in clinical studies, such as separating plasma cells and serum. She will also be involved in establishing HIV-1 cultures and preparing laboratory reagents and chemicals.

As Eva begins her journey as a wet-lab research assistant, she is determined to contribute to the field of infectious diseases. Her time at Simmons University has equipped her with the necessary skills and unwavering passion for scientific exploration, which will be useful in her career as a scientific researcher.