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Maralee Mitchell giving Convocation address.
Voices of Simmons

Woman on Campus and Senior Class President, Maralee Mitchell '20, welcomes first-year students and addresses the senior class during Convocation.

Susan Brady
Voices of Simmons

Managing Director of The Institute for Inclusive Leadership at Simmons University, Susan Brady, explains the connection between leading inclusively and relational competence and gives voice to the best and worst practices she’s seen from leaders. If we are to see...

Donata Liu with a Malawian woman and her child.
Student Story

One of the most invaluable lessons I took home with me was finding true joy. Despite all the hardship, there was a beautiful and radiant JOY that was so present in the Malawians. Though poverty is a reality in many of the women's lives, they were generous and so rich in joy.

The cupola at Simmons University
Voices of Simmons

Like many people around this country, we at Simmons were horrified, outraged and saddened by the murders motivated by hate and racism in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton. Increasingly, we are facing the manifestations of white supremacy, white nationalism, racism...