As a nurse, you'll be at the heart of health care.

Our nursing students are socially responsive and understand that each patient is unique. You'll cultivate the practices and procedures required to care for others and save lives.

You'll participate in classes brought to life by dedicated professors who also practice as nurses and pride themselves on being personal mentors. With our carefully designed acute care curriculum, state-of-the-art simulation labs, and clinical education program, our students graduate ready to administer skillful and compassionate care. We also offer the Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars Program, a unique opportunity for adult learners to complete their BSN in 16 months or 2-3 years, as well as an innovative RN-BSN program and a 5-year BS/MS in nursing program.

We have close relationships with world-renowned teaching hospitals and research facilities -- like Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children's Hospital Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital. You'll participate in clinical rotations, attend talks and pursue research and employment opportunities with leading experts in the industry.

Whether they're in an acute inpatient unit or a community health center, Simmons nursing students have a reputation for being the best and brightest in their field. Our students graduate prepared for the registered nurse licensure (NCLEX) exam, graduate school and entry-level nursing positions in offices, homes, hospitals and schools.

Program Requirements

Students meet the science prerequisite courses before beginning the nursing course sequence. In addition to the nursing course requirements listed below, undergraduate nursing students will also complete coursework to fulfill the all-College degree requirements. See the undergraduate course catalog for details.

Students entering Simmons for Fall 2015 and after will take the following courses to fulfill the nursing major:

  • NURS 228 Nursing Theory and Evidence Based Practice 
  • NURS 229 Nursing Health Promotion 
  • NURS 295 Health Assessment and Fundamental Skills* 
  • NURS 331 Pharmacology 
  • NURS 332 Medical Surgical Nursing 1
  • NURS 333 Maternity Nursing
  • NURS 334 Pediatric Nursing 
  • NURS 335 Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 
  • NURS 346 Medical Surgical Nursing 2 
  • NURS 416 Health Care Policy 
  • NURS 417 Professional Role Integration 
  • NURS 418 Complex Nursing Care 
  • NURS 419 Capstone Practicum 

The following are also required for students in the 16-month accelerated Dix Scholar nursing program only:

  • NURS 204/404 Normal and Abnormal Physiology 
  • SNHS 410 Research Methods 

Students accepted into Nursing may take one of these 2 sequences:

Sequence 1:

  • BIOL 123 Principles of Microbiology*
  • CHEM 110 General Organic & Biochemistry*
  • BIOL 231 Anatomy & Physiology I*
  • BIOL 232 Anatomy & Physiology II*

Sequence 2: (chosen by students to keep options open for other science majors in premed):

  • BIOL 113 General Biology*
  • CHEM 111 Introductory Chemistry: Inorganic*
  • CHEM 112 Introductory Chemistry: Organic*
  • BIOL 231 Anatomy & Physiology I*
  • BIOL 232 Anatomy & Physiology II* 
  • BIOL 221 Microbiology *

*Includes a lab

Those students achieving outstanding academic records may be initiated into the Academy and/or the Simmons chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, Theta Chapter-at-Large, the International Nursing Honor Society and have the opportunity receive departmental honors.

    Charlene Berube
    • Charlene Berube
    • Chair, Undergraduate Nursing Program and Associate Professor of Practice
    • Phone: 617-521-2533
    • Office: S313
    Josephine Atinaja-Faller
    Gloria Cater
    • Gloria Cater
    • Associate Professor of Practice
    • Phone: 617-521-2561
    • Office: S305
    LaDonna Christian
    • LaDonna Christian
    • Director of the Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program and Associate Professor of Practice
    • Phone: 617-521-2618
    • Office: S310
    Jean Christoffersen
    Margaret Costello
    Judith Cullinane
    Colette Dieujuste
    Susan Duty
    • Susan Duty
    • Professor
    • Phone: 617-521-2096
    • Office: S312
    Jocelyn Loftus
    Marla Lynch
    • Marla Lynch
    • Associate Professor of Practice
    • Phone: 617-521-2535
    • Office: S333
    Kelly Marchant
    Linda Moniz
    • Linda Moniz
    • Associate Professor
    • Phone: 617-521-2437
    • Office: S317
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    • Karen Teeley
    • Professor of Practice
    • Phone: 617-521-2536
    • Office: S325
    Marianne Williams

Clinical and research experience are essential to nursing students. You'll have opportunities to explore your interests, build your skills and develop mentoring relationships with leaders in the field.

Our students put their knowledge into practice in many ways, including:

  • Studying abroad to gain a global perspective on this universally-important major.
  • Six group clinical rotations starting in the second year and ending with a final-semester preceptorship
  • Approximately 600 clinical hours by the end of the program at hospitals, schools, clinics, and community-based health centers.
  • Students are encouraged to work with faculty on faculty-led research projects.
Dix Scholars Program for Adult Learners

The Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars program, designed for students who are 24 years or older, provides adults with the opportunity to benefit from the unique combination of liberal arts and sciences, as well as professional study that Simmons undergraduate programs offer.

Our Nursing Dix Scholars programs: a 16 month program for individuals with a previous BA/BS who wish to accelerate; a 2 or 3 year option for those without a baccalaureate degree or those desiring a part-time program.

Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program

We also offer the Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program. The overarching purpose of the program is to enhance the educational experience and success of African American, Latina, Asian, and Native American (ALANA) students enrolled in the nursing program by providing academic, clinical, professional and personal support.

The Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program is the shared vision of Dr. Judy Beal, Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Dotson Family. Phyllis Nickerson Dotson '62 is an alumna of the Nursing Department at Simmons College. She and her husband George S. Dotson made the program possible through a generous gift.

How to Apply

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