Creating Your PLAN for Purpose, Leadership and Action

Simmons PLAN (Purpose Leadership ActioN) is a highly customizable, four-year academic pathway that is a key part of the Simmons undergraduate experience. The curriculum provides students with a highly-immersive experience and faculty mentorship each year to graduation.

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The Simmons PLAN: A four-year journey that prepares you to succeed academically and professionally

Combining academics with professional preparation, PLAN equips you with the communication, critical thinking, integrative thinking, and inclusive leadership skills that are so valuable to employers. Students engage in experiential learning and are exposed to new ways of thinking in and out of the classroom, while also developing a sense of belonging and connectedness to Simmons and to the City of Boston.

PLAN prepares students who enter Simmons with a variety of diverse experiences and backgrounds that enable them to work and engage with confidence and success at the university level. PLAN helps students develop college-level writing skills, and it provides the intellectual foundation that will allow students to thrive in any undergraduate major.

This dynamic program prepares students for lifelong success and empowers them to leverage their passions, excel early in their careers, and be leaders in their communities. Each required PLAN course develops one or more essential capabilities – skills including communication, data analysis, ethical leadership, and creative problem solving – that are highly desired by employers and are critical to success in careers or post-graduate education in any major or field of study.

“It is an amazing feeling to watch students’ aha moments in class - when it all clicks. They start to realize that no matter the topic, critical thinking is always going to be an important tool that they can use throughout their entire academic career, no matter the major.” 

Leanne Doherty, Associate Provost, Academic and Faculty Affairs

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How PLAN Works

Each year of PLAN provides students with intellectually challenging, meaningful, and project-oriented learning.

How PLAN Works

What makes PLAN unique?

Bria Gambrell with feminist activist Gloria Steinem at the 2019 National Women's Studies Association in San Francisco, California.

PLAN is highly customizable

Unlike most other general education curricula, PLAN is highly customizable, with courses in a wide variety of disciplines and professions. Students engage in experiential learning that aligns with their interests and passions.

PLAN centers on professional preparation

Based on national surveys of employers and graduate schools, the Simmons University faculty determined a set of skills critical for undergraduate students to achieve proficiency by the time they complete their Simmons University degree.

PLAN focuses on leadership and purpose

The Leadership Courses enables you to examine what kind of leader you already are and the kind of leader you’d like to become and to develop the critical leadership skills of public speaking and working as part of a team. Students can choose from Leadership courses on topics such as Leading Quietly (or Leadership for Introverts) and Enterprising Women. In addition, diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven into the PLAN curriculum so that students can learn how to lead inclusively and harness their unique strengths to find their purpose and help others thrive.

You’ll also be introduced to the Passionate Leaders Project in your Leadership course. The Passionate Leaders Project, or PLP, funds learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. You can request up to $4,000 through the PLP for things like global experiences, research, internships, service projects, and creative projects. In your Leadership class, you’ll begin formulating ideas for a PLP proposal through an exercise that will be reviewed by the same team that reviews formal PLP proposals.

PLAN has measurable outcomes

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Through this distinctive and customized experience, students learn how to approach complex societal issues while building essential career readiness and community engagement skills. 

  • During your first year, you develop critical writing and leadership skills through Boston and Leadership courses. 
  • During your second year, you are challenged to study an issue from a multi-disciplinary perspective.
  • During your third year, in Simmons Excel, you will develop a variety of real-world skills through career and life planning and planning for financial independence.
  • During the fourth year, you embark on a Capstone Experience, which allows you to demonstrate mastery in your major through a thesis, internship, or final project.

How PLAN Works

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The Passionate Leaders Project supports undergraduate students seeking to enrich their academic and professional interests by funding learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. 

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