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  1. Explore Peer Leaders

    What is the Explore course? The Simmons Course is a part of the PLAN core curriculum . First year students take Simmons: Explore, which is an introduction to college life, study strategies, and on campus resources. Each year, the courses...

  2. Michael Zachary and Niloufer Sohrabji

    "Raw data is useless if you don't have cultural and historical context," says Assistant Teaching Professor of Art and Music Michael Zachary . "Without it, you won't know what the data actually tells you, nor can you communicate it in...

  3. Julia Hvoslef

    "Leadership is a process that we go through always, with no end goal," says Julia Hvoslef. "It can be seen as positional, but it's not." She speaks from experience, both in her role as Director of the Jennifer Eckert Center...

  4. Holly Wright

    When nursing major Holly Wright ’25 came to Simmons last fall, she didn’t expect to spend so much time studying art. As part of the Simmons PLAN (Purpose Leadership ActioN) core curriculum, Wright registered for the Boston course , “Isabella...

  5. Sara Mitchell

    We caught up with Sara Mitchell '22 about her experience in Simmons PLAN, which sparked an interest in educational equity — an interest she's carried throughout her college career.

  6. Estela Raya Fouts, political science major at Simmons University, one of the best universities in Boston

    What does Estela Raya-Fouts ’24 love about being a political science major? The supportive faculty! Check out how Raya-Fouts is combining the political science, Spanish and migration studies programs to pursue a career with immigrant populations.

  7. Kelly Hager, Simmons University Interim Dean of the Undergraduate Program

    While most colleges have a general education program, Simmons University's PLAN goes above and beyond. Interim Dean Kelly Hager illustrates the valuable experiences PLAN offers students and the professional skills graduates will take away.

  8. Emma Harrison, student pursuing BS in biochemistry

    For Emma Harrison '22, the lessons she gained through her PLAN courses are endless. From gaining a deeper understanding of Boston to informing her career path, Emma is excited to take these lessons and make a positive impact.

  9. From top left: Catherine Cox '23, Brianna Desharnais '22, Julia Hart '21, Lauren Howard '22, Evangeline Kennedy '21, Irmana Monem '21, and Graciella Rios Ortega '21

    The Passionate Leaders Project supports undergraduate students seeking to enrich their academic and professional interests by funding learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom. Learn what the Spring 2021 cohort is up to!

  10. This panel discussed what incoming first-year students can expect this summer and during their first semester at Simmons.