Find a Community Referral

The following site offers information about community referrals. It is listed here solely as an informational service. Neither Simmons University nor the University's Counseling Center endorse HelpPro, their services or the professionals who may be affiliated with them. You should not consider this organization as "approved" by Simmons University or the Counseling Center.

Find a Referral

(800) 652-0155

At HelpPro, you can search by:

  • Concern or problem
  • Age
  • City or town
  • Payment option
  • Insurance provider
  • Gender of therapist
  • Office hours

You can find:

  • Therapist with a sliding scale
  • Support groups in your community
  • Psychiatrists to prescribe medication
  • Certified sex therapists
  • Gender of therapist
  • Office hours