Commuter/Graduate Support Services

Even though you aren't always on campus, commuter students are a vital part of the Simmons community and we strive to make it easy to stay connected to everything going on at Simmons through students groups, electronic communication, and special facilities reserved for commuters to make your life a little easier. We encourage graduate students to be in direct contact with their academic programs for academic resources!

Connect with a 1 on 1 Support Specialist

The REEF Support Center is here to support commuter students in accessing resources on campus. Though you will find commuter-specific resources below, our Support Specialists are here to review resources and navigate campus. Email: [email protected]

Make an appointment with a Support Specialist

Getting to Campus

Transportation resources, including discounted MBTA passes and limited on-campus parking are available to commuter students.

REEF Support Center Transportation Powerpoint

Commuter Dining Plans

Once you get to campus, you can dine at any eating venue; if you're looking for a convenient and cost-savings way to dine on campus, consider a commuter dining plan that fits your needs.

Many of our students also opt to bring their meals to campus. We welcome you to store your meals in a lunchbox in our community fridge located in the Lounge.

Commuter Student Organization

The Commuter Student Organization (CSO) holds meetings in the lounge, which are open to the entire Simmons community. Since the organization is vitally important in keeping commuter students involved and connected, we encourage all commuter students to get involved on a regular basis or as your schedule allows. For further information on the Commuter Student Organization, please email Commuter Students Organization or follow them on Instagram @simmonscso

The Commuter Student/Dix Scholar Lounge (A-075)

The Commuter Student/Dix Scholar Lounge, on the ground level of the MCB, is brightly furnished with comfortable sink-in chairs, and is the perfect place to relax with friends. Along with the Fens Cafeteria and the University Center, the Lounge is a meeting place for commuting students. Commuting students will find that they spend a lot of their time in the Lounge, the Fens and College Center talking, laughing, cramming, and of course, eating.

Students will also find the Lounge home to the REEF Support Center, a holistic support center for students in accessing basic needs. The REEF provides items to all commuter students such as a fridge, microwave, tea kettle, SAD Lamps, games, communal office supplies, and snacks.

Commuter Lockers

Simmons offers Commuter Lockers in the basement of the Main Campus Building - located across from the bookstore as well as down the hallway past dining services and the mailroom. Lockers are available to commuter students on a first-come, first-locked basis. We cannot hold or guarantee lockers for students if the locker does not have a lock on it.

In an effort to manage the lockers, we ask that all students register their locker with us each year.

To reserve a locker:

  1. Purchase a locker lock (available at the bookstore, target, etc.)
  2. Select a locker, located anywhere across from the bookstore
  3. Email [email protected] with your name, ID, and locker number to reserve your locker. You will receive an email confirmation and will be notified at the end of the semester to clean out your locker.

Students must clean their lockers and remove the padlock and locker contents at the end of the academic year. The University takes no responsibility for items left in the lockers.

Off-Campus Housing

Many of our students opt to live off-campus, but with students from over sixty colleges and universities in Greater Boston, there is a high demand for suitable housing. Learn more about off-campus housing and housing access resources by visiting the REEF Support Center website.

How can I get access to food?
Place an order with the Community Resource Room, a free food and resource pantry on campus! You can also request guest meal swipes to be used at the campus dining halls through our Guest Meal Swipe Bank.

Food Access Resources 

The REEF Support Center has compiled a list of Food Access resources in the Boston area that can be accessed on our Food Access webpage.

  • We specifically recommend getting connected to the Community Resource Room at Simmons, a free food, hygiene, and school supply resource on campus! 
  • Commuter students can also request a limited number of guest meal swipes from our Guest Meal Swipe Bank to be used in our dining halls at no additional cost. 

Common Commuter FAQs:

Do I have access to the residence campus?
As a commuter, you are welcome to visit friends at the Residence Campus. Please note that your Simmons ID will not give you access to the Residence Halls so, you will need to be accompanied by a friend. Commuter students can stay overnight as a guest of a residential student.

Do commuters have a study space?
Commuters have access to the Simmons Library, University Center, and other academic buildings. All students can reserve study space through the Library.

What time can I arrive on campus?
Campus opens at 7am and officially closes at 11pm.

I am not sure where the office I need is located. What do I do?
Try the Who Can Help @ Simmons website for a directory of offices, their location, and contact.

What other Simmons resources can I access?
As a commuter, you have access to many of the same offices on campus that are accessed by residential students at no additional charge. This includes the Health Center, Counseling Center, Holmes Sports Center, Fit@Simmons Classes, and the Tutoring/Writing Center just to name a few!