Resources for Health Information

The following sites offer information about health information and resources as a research and informational service. Neither Simmons University nor the University's Counseling Center endorses these organizations, their services or the professionals who may be affiliated with them. You should not consider these organizations as "approved" by Simmons University or the Counseling Center.

Obtaining information about a medical problem on-line is no substitute for seeking one-on-one advice from a health care provider who can assess your health history, your current condition, and your on-going needs.

If you are experiencing a health problem, the Counseling Center strongly urges you to come and talk with a member of our staff or the Health Center staff for confidential advice and assistance.

National Women's Health Information Center

The National Women's Health Information Center features health information of special interest to women: breast cancer, depression, domestic violence, and many more. Try the smart choices section for more information on prevention and self-care, choosing quality care, and on-line health information.

Go Ask Alice!

Go Ask Alice! is a guide to good physical, sexual, and emotional health for college students.

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center is a guide to good physical, sexual, and emotional health for college students. It provides services to survivors of rape and sexual assault, their friends and family, and includes statistics and information on services.

Alcohol Concerns

The AA website lists information about the organization, its goals, and local addresses and telephone numbers to determine sites for meetings. The site is notable for various self-assessment tools by which you can confidentially evaluate yours or others' drinking patterns.

GLBT Resources

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Helpline and the Peer Listening Line at Fenway Community Health Center are nationwide, toll free lines that provide information, referrals and support. The Peer Line is staffed by GLBT volunteer, under 25 years of age who are trained by the staff of the Fenway Community Health Center.

GLBT Helpline

Peer Listening Line
Toll-free: 800.399.PEER