About the School of Business

Since 1974, the School of Business has pursued a unique mission of educating women to be exceptional leaders. Students are mentored by professors and apply classroom experience to internship opportunities during their course of study. They build networks within the business world of Boston and beyond, among classmates, faculty, and internship colleagues. Many students become involved in the Simmons Leadership Conference, often traveling abroad to hear inspiring speakers and assist in the event. 

The School of Business gives undergraduate women the tools to lead successfully in Fortune 500 corporations, healthcare organizations, entrepreneurial ventures, government agencies or nonprofit organizations, while also enabling them to work constructively for economic and social purpose. Simmons prepares its students to lead and manage effectively and ethically in a world that demands no less.

What Our Students Say

Our students testify that a Simmons education is transformational. They credit Simmons with helping them develop the skills, confidence, and connections to advance their careers. We take great pride in their success.

“Having a basic understanding of organizational structures, finance, marketing, and negotiating provided me with a strong, well-rounded foundation to further develop myself within a large firm. Aside from the coursework, the School of Business professors also gave me excellent guidance and mentorship as I was figuring out the feasibility of a full-time course load on top of working full-time.”
— Sophie Flynn '20

“When I joined Simmons, every aspect of my student life was impacted by thought leadership. I grew up in an environment where authoritarian leadership was the norm and it was very restrictive. My college life was an enriching experience because Simmons encouraged students to define their own leadership and act on it.”

— Anuja KC '12

“The School of Business has taught me how to see a project through, think about all the moving parts, while also staying organized and on track. This is specific to my management classes at Simmons because all the group and individual projects need to be organized and have goals.”

— Katherine Reidl '20