Department of Economics

The major in economics provides students with an excellent background for careers in finance, industry, government, and the non-profit sector. In addition, it prepares students for graduate work in economics, law, business, and public policy. Economics majors develop their institutional knowledge about the business world, the domestic and global economic environment in which businesses, households, and communities operate, and the governmental policies that affect businesses and workers. Further, economics majors develop the ability to analyze complex economic and social issues and to communicate the results of their analysis through writing and oral presentation.

Advantages of an Economics Degree

Global Citizenship, Positive Job Outlook, and Graduate School Preparation

The Economics major at Simmons is designed to prepare our students for global citizenship by expanding their perspective and intellectual scope. The major shapes future leaders by developing the skills desired by employers, including teamwork in diverse settings, effective writing and verbal communication, research and analysis, quantitative (mathematical, statistical, and modeling) skills, and global and ethical perspectives. Some of our graduates have founded their own companies, including Grainger Pottery and Lantern Financial. Others have found employment at various corporations such as AIRINC, Cambridge Associates, John Hancock, Morgan Stanley, and Shire Pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the major prepares students for graduate study; our graduates have gone on to earn law degrees and PhD and MA degrees in economics, public policy, international development, business management, and finance.

A Strong Internship Program

The Economics Department has a strong internship program which relies on a broad and deep network of contacts with firms and government agencies, including the Boston Bruins, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Walt Disney World Resort. Our internship partners rave about our students:

"She has been one of my best interns yet! She quickly learned how to use our client management and research systems [and] was able to complete the projects assigned to her promptly and accurately. She has been highly reliable, delightful to work with, and possesses a wonderful work ethic. She has fit right in [at this organization], and we are hard at work trying to find her a position here!"

"She is an asset to your program. I think the world of [her]. She’s terrific. If I had the financial resources, I would hire her.…She intends to apply to graduate school. To that end, I have written a solid letter of recommendation on her behalf. If [she] is representative of the students in your program, please feel free to recommend them as winter or spring semester interns."

Annual Economics Student-Alumnae Networking Dinner

Since 2001, the Economics Department has organized an annual networking dinner that matches fifty or so graduates—who come from as far away as Florida and Texas—with our current students. At the dinner, we equip each student with "business cards" and a directory, so they can plan follow-up activities, including informational interviews, résumé review meetings, mentoring lunches, and shadowing opportunities. The Networking Dinner is part of the department's Econnect program, which also includes sessions on negotiating skills and using LinkedIn, mock interview sessions with alumnae, career nights, and guided tours of the Career Education Center.

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Niloufer Sohrabji

Professor and Chair of Economics