Public Safety FAQs

Public Safety is an around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. You can call our dispatcher at any time to speak to a Simmons Police Officer.

617-521-1111 or 911


General Questions

Where is Public Safety located?

The office and dispatch center are located in the Palace Road Building suite B-104.

How do I file a report?

You can call the Public Safety Business line to talk to an officer about filing a report by calling extension 1112. Emergencies should be reported immediately by calling extension 1111.

What are the missing student policies and procedures?

Please view the missing student policy and procedures report.

How do I make an access request?

The access request process requires a completed web form with specific information about times and dates and specific doors, rooms etc.

I lost my ID Card, what do I do?

Please immediately contact either Public Safety or the Campus Card Office to have your card deactivated. To see if your ID card was turned in to Lost and Found, please visit Lost and Found in the Public Safety Administrative Office, in the Palace Road Building B-104. If your ID isn't there, you will need to purchase a replacement for $20 from the Campus Card Office, please pay the replacement fee online or the QR code located on the sign outside of the Campus Card Office. For more information please contact the Campus Card Office at 617-521-2273 or email [email protected].

What do I do if I lost my room key?

If you have lost your room key, please visit Residential Life on the 2nd floor of the Health Center. There will be a fee to replace the door lock.

Why do we use card readers instead of keys?

Card readers help the Public Safety Department keep the building secure by only allowing people who have access into that door. Some doors with Card Readers will trigger an alarm in the Dispatch Center if unauthorized entry is attempted and a Public Safety officer can respond and investigate.

What are the Parking Policies on Campus?

You can find information concerning parking areas, policies, and rates on the Parking website.

How do I get a MA Non Resident Student Driver Decal?

You can find information about getting a non resident student driver decal on the Parking website.

Do I contact Public Safety if I want to know if the school is open due to weather?

No, please do not contact Public Safety during snow storms, storms, and weather emergencies. The dispatch center is very busy at this time and calling may impede the handling of serious problems. Please visit the Emergency Notification System page for additional information.

How do I file a complaint of bias?

Simmons implemented a Bias Response Protocol to inform, instruct and support those who have been affected by bias.

How do I make a complaint about a member of Public Safety?

Complaints will be accepted from any source and may be made anonymously, in person, or by telephone, but preferably they should be made in person by the individual concerned in the allegation against the police employee. Any supervisor may take a complaint, and upon receiving the complaint will forward it to the accused employee's immediate supervisor or to the Deputy Chief of Police for an internal investigation. A complaint may also be received by the Deputy Chief of Police who will either investigate it or forward it to the appropriate line supervisor for investigation. As part of the investigation, you may be asked to give a sworn statement. An appointment will be made at a time convenient to you and you may bring with you anyone of your choosing. You will be treated courteously and need not fear any type of intimidation or other improper behavior. When making a complaint, simply relate the facts as you know them; don't attempt to add to or embellish your complaint, and be mindful that you will be asked specific questions regarding factual information.