Keeping Safe

Take Precautions

It is important to keep in mind that assaults, including rape, can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It is never your fault if you are assaulted. There is no set plan of action that can ensure your protection, but the following list of precautions may help:

  • Travel in groups.
  • Do not walk alone or leave friends or roommates alone at parties or social events.
  • Agree upon escape signals with friends to leave a party or get out of an uncomfortable situation.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • When you are attending off-campus events, know where you are and how you are getting home.
  • Avoid poorly lit places, empty buildings or deserted parking lots.
  • Stay in well-lit and populated areas.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable, don't be afraid to say so and to remove yourself from the situation.
  • Do not be concerned about being perceived as rude or abrupt; your safety should always be your top priority.
  • If you choose to drink, do not take a drink from an open punch bowl. Always get your own drink, and open it yourself. Do not leave your drink unattended.
  • Learn more about the RAD Program
  • Program important emergency numbers into your cell phone.
    FYI: If you dial 911 from your cell phone you will be connected with the State Police, not your local police department.

What You Can Do

You can help the SCPD in reducing the amount of crime on campus. No police department can function effectively without the assistance of responsible citizens. The SCPD depends on YOU to call and report to us whenever you observe suspicious persons or actions on campus. You do not need to worry if your suspicions are proved to be unfounded. Think instead about what could have happened if you neglected to report a suspicious person or activity. The responsibility of campus safety is not solely on the Police Department; it's shared by YOU. Your involvement is the most important factor in crime prevention. You are the eyes and ears in the Simmons Community and your quick thinking can help prevent a crime.