Fire Safety

Simmons University ensures that the buildings are inspected, tests and recharges are done to fire extinguishers, fires and fire alarms are investigates, checks are done to fire alarm systems, laboratory safety showers are tested, all fire hydrants, fire pumps, standpipes, and sprinkler systems are in good working order. Simmons University staff, residents hall staff, and Public Safety run programs for the campus community on fire safety, evacuation, and reporting.

Tampering with fire safety equipment or violating any of the following fire safety rules is grounds for immediate disciplinary action, which may include, but is not limited to, immediate probation or suspension from the residence campus for a first violation.

Fire Drills

Simmons University staff, residence hall staff, and Public Safety staff regularly conduct fire drills, on both the residence campus and the academic campus. For the safety of all parties involved, students, faculty, and staff must take these drills seriously and evacuate whenever a fire alarm sounds. Remember to lock their doors when they leave, as thefts during fire alarms can happen. Take steps to identify the closest fire exit as soon as they move in.

If you see any evidence of fire

  • Please activate the closest fire alarm, dial 911, and call Simmons University Police at 617-521-1111 when you have removed yourself from danger.
  • If you hear a fire alarm going off, safely evacuate the building. DO NOT use elevators!
  • Be sure to close doors after you leave so the fire can stay contained.
  • If you need to go through a door, feel the door with the back of your hand. DO NOT open the door if it is hot.
  • Move far away from the building when you evacuate.
  • If others need assistance evacuating the building try to help them, and let officials know if someone needs help.