Access Request

The access request process requires a completed web form with specific information about times and dates and specific doors, rooms etc. Please include all information. Thank you.

Please DO NOT submit an access request form for an event in excess of 2 months before the event date.

Building Access Requests

  • Faculty and staff may request changes to access schedules and permissions by submitting the form below. Students must contact their faculty or staff sponsor to submit a request on their behalf.
  • When planning an event that requires special building access arrangements, please submit the request form at least 5 days before the change is needed, when possible. Public Safety will evaluate the request and inform the requestor of the status of his/ her request.

Building Schedule Change Request

Access Requests For a Sponsored Individual

To request building, residence hall, or room access for a sponsored individual. When requesting access, please submit the request form at least 5 days before access is needed. Please note that an individual cannot request changes to their own access — faculty or staff sponsors must complete and submit the form on behalf of the individual.

Public Safety Access Request Form

NOTE: Access requests require 5 business days to process. All requests must have an expiration date. General requests for after hours need to be within specific time ranges.

We will contact you with any questions, concerns, or instructions if necessary.

Thank you!
Public Safety
Administrative Office
[email protected]