If you are a victim of a crime

If you are the victim of a crime or if you witness a crime, call SCPD immediately and be prepared to provide as much information as possible. Such as:

  • Your name
  • Where you are calling from
  • Your telephone number
  • Persons involved — names, sex, age, height, weight, clothing, and distinguishing characteristics (such as facial hair, scars, hair color)
  • Method and direction of travel
  • Motor vehicle: registration number, type, color, identifying features
  • Description of stolen property, and any other details.

If your wallet is lost or stolen call SCPD 617-521-1112.

Notify the three major credit reporting companies that your identification has been stolen. They can stop anyone from obtaining instant credit on your credit line:

Once a crime has been committed, it is important that we gather as much information as possible to be able to solve the crime rapidly. Far too often, people fail to report an offender or a suspicious person because they are not sure if what they have seen is important, they are reluctant to get involved, or they do not want to "offend" the person of whom they are suspicious. Just remember that if you don't report the crime, a criminal gets away and could cause harm to others.

Think prevention.