Residence Hall Safety

The potential for crime does exist, but these suggestions can reduce the possibility that you, a friend, or a colleague might become the victim of a crime.

  • Always keep the door(s) to your residence and the windows that are accessible from the outside locked.
  • Never hold the front door to your dorm open for anyone; do not let others "piggy back" into the building.
  • Never leave your room unlocked while you sleep.
  • Never put your name or address on your key ring.
  • Report lost keys immediately to residence life.
  • Do not study in secluded areas, particularly alone.
  • If you receive harassing or obscure phone calls or several calls with no one on the other end, notify the Simmons University Police. Also, keep a log with the date and time of the phone calls.
  • Do not go inside your room if you find that it has been entered by someone else because they could still be inside. Call the Simmons University Police immediately. Do not try to apprehend an intruder. The intruder may be armed or may easily grab something in the room and use it as a weapon. Get out of the room as soon as possible and call the Simmons University Police.
  • Avoid bringing large amounts of cash or other valuables to the campus. Always keep items of value out of sight.
  • Keep a record of serial numbers of computer, printers, televisions, MP3 Players, and other valuable possessions.