Chemistry Management

If science is your passion, the chemistry management joint major will help you translate that interest into a business career.

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Who says you can't mix business with pleasure?

You'll be prepared for a variety of paths at the interface of the two disciplines, such as sales and marketing for chemical and pharmaceutical companies, administrative roles in science-based industries or institutions, and scientific information liaisons in fields like public relations, political advising, and lobbying.

First Year

CHEM 113 General & Quantitative Chemistry I 4
CHEM 115 Intensive General Chemistry 4
CHEM 216 General & Quantitative Chemistry II 4
MATH 120 Calculus I 4
MATH 121 Calculus II 4

Sophomore Year

CHEM 224 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHEM 225 Organic Chemistry II 4
PHYS 114 Fundamentals of Physics I 4
PHYS 115 Fundamentals of Physics II 4
ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics 4
BUS 100 Introduction to Business and Management 4

Junior Year

CHEM 331 Thermodynamics & Kinetics 4
CHEM 332 Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Structure 4
ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics 4
ACCT 110 Financial Accounting 4
BUS 234 Organizational Communication & Behavior 4
STAT 118 Introductory Statistics 4
STAT 227 Intermediate Statistics: Design & Analysis 4
STAT 229 Regression Models 4

Senior Year

BUS 250 Principles of Marketing 4
BUS 260 Financial Management 4
BUS 370 Internship & Career Management 8
CHEM 390 Chemistry Seminar 1
A 300-level elective in chemistry

Strongly recommended electives:

BUS 340 Strategic Management 4
BUS 250 Principles of Marketing 4
BUS 260 Financial Management 4
*For BUS 250 or BUS 260, students should complete the remaining course, as one is required and the other is strongly recommended as an elective. 

You'll work with a faculty advisor to tailor your program to your interests and career goals. The Department of Chemistry offers many closely-related programs — such as biochemistrychemistry and environmental science — and Simmons students have many opportunities to further customize with dual majors and complementary minors.

Our students put theory into practice through on-site research, off-site research, and internships.

On-site research: You'll work with faculty members whose research piques your interest.

Off-site research: Students also explore clinical, applied, or basic research at one of the many laboratories in the Simmons neighborhood.

Internships: Supervised learning experiences provide opportunities for career exploration within a context of critical thinking. You'll hone your skills, build your resume, and develop mentoring relationships that will help you in your career.

So you know that Simmons is a great place to be, you've learned about our programs, maybe even come for a you're ready to apply! Let's get started.

Our Faculty

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Rich Gurney

  • Professor and Chair of the Chemistry and Physics Department